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Biography of Andy Murray[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Andy Murray is undeniably an unforgettable name from the tennis field with a whopping net worth of $165 million as of today. He is a Scottish professional who plays and represents Great Britain.

Additionally, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) also formerly ranked him as the number one in the world rankings. To date, Murray has bagged three Grand Slam singles titles and 46 ATP singles titles.

Biography of Andy Murray[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Professional Tennis player Andy Murray (Source: Instagram)

Back in 2012, Murray established himself as the first British Grand Slam singles champion since Virginia Wade after defeating Novak Djokovic.

Throughout his years, he had his breakthrough in 2016. That same year, Murray also became the only player with two Olympic gold medals that too in singles.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Date of Birth 15 May 1987
Birth Place Glasgow, Scotland
Nick Name Muzz, Muzza, Muzzard, Muzzcat
Religion Christianity
Nationality Scottish, British
Ethnicity Mixed (Scottish-English)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 35 years old
Height 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters)
Weight 84 Kg (185 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurements  Chest: 40 Inches
Waist: 30 Inches
Biceps: 15 Inches
Father’s Name William Murray
Mother’s Name Judy Murray
Siblings A brother, Jamie Robert Murray
Education Dunblane Primary School
Dunblane High School
Schiller International University
Marital Status Married
Wife Kim Sears
Kids Four children (Name of one child not yet revealed)
Edie Murray, Sophia Olivia Murray & Teddy Barron Murray
Profession Tennis player
Coach Jamie Delgado (2016–present)
Playing style Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Active Years  2005-present
Net Worth $165 million
Prize Money US$ 61,832,826
Social Media  InstagramTwitterWebsite
Merch  Shoes, Clothing
Last Update July, 2022

Andy Murray’s Net Worth | Earnings and Income

Currently, Murray has a massive pocket of $165 million to lavish upon. Thanks to his hard work! However, as much as he earns, Murray is very concerned with the way he spends.

To illustrate, he primarily invests his earnings and uses them for a good cause. Most of his investments go for small businesses, which helps him to develop his fortune.

Among his $165 million fortune, Andy has earned $61 million just from his prize money. Moving on, the rest of the earnings come hugely from endorsements, sponsorships, appearance fees, and bonuses.

Additionally, back in 2016, Andy Murray made $2.5 million just after bagging a single Wimbledon men’s title.

In the meantime, Forbes ranked Andy as the number 40 for the wealthiest athlete of the year as he made $28.8 million.


Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Indeed, Murray has several projects under his belt to work for products and brands alongside his career. Of course, his partnership and works for them go in the long term.

Fred Perry, Addidas, Under Armour

Fred Perry is the very first sponsor for Andy Murray.

Following it, Murray signed a four-year deal with Under Armour in 2015, worth £15 million. Before signing with Under Armour, he was previously sponsored by Addidas.

Later, their five-year agreement came to an end in 2014. As his contract with UA commenced the following year, his £15 million (around 19.1 million dollars) became the most important deal in the field of tennis.


Murray also endorses the brand, Castore and portrays their premium sportswear brands.

Together, they have also collaborated for the product development, and Murray is also a part of their shareholder.


Alongside it, Murray stands with the role of board advisor, and he also embodies the Castore ethos of Better Never Stops.


Andy Murray endorses the luxury car brand, Jaguar, and with them, he made new “go electric” cars to honor World Earth Day. Their first electric jaguar accelerates at 298 miles (480 km) and portrays a 90 kWh battery.

Other deals

For his equipment deals, Murray is devoted to the Head Radical Pro model racquets for his games.

In 2012, Murray also signed with the Swiss watch manufacturer Rado and even wore its D-Star 200 model as part of the deal.

Furthermore, Murray has signed contracts with brands like Standard Life. At the same time, he partners with TRR nutrition, Amazon Prime Video, American Express, WSB, NHS, WWF-UK, and UNICEF.

77 Sports Management

Andy Murray, alongside his business advisers, Matt Gentry and Gawain Davies, founded this boutique store. Additionally, their firm aims to represent talented athletes all across the nation.

They have signed numerous players like Ryan Porteous, Aidan McHugh, Katie Swan, Fraser Murray, and Cheriece Hylton, to name a few.

Biography of Andy Murray[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Murray’s collaboration with Under Armour (Source: Instagram)

“It’s something that interests me a lot. I want to work with the best British athletes, whether that’s male or female. Often the people in management companies haven’t played the sport or been athletes themselves, so hopefully, that’s a little extra thing I can add.”
-Andy Murray 


Aside from being a businessman, Andy Murray is also a considerable investment and has grown his work portfolio all this time. Initially, when his career started to take off, Murray partnered with Seedrs in 2015.

In the meantime, Andy involves himself in the market study and news for investments.

Likewise, the British player is primarily interested in investments for health and wellbeing, or nutrition, or dogs. Some of his early assets include companies like Tossed and Landbay.

Not to mention, he invests more in start-up companies across Europe and helps to back up technology-based companies.

Cromlix Hotel

In 2013, Andy Murray bought a luxury hotel Cromlix, situated near Dunblane, and later re-opened it after furnishing it in 2014. Apparently, this place holds a unique history of its own.

As a matter of fact, it was made back in the 15th century. In 1981, they converted it into a private residence with 15 luxury bedrooms. Currently, it is a lavish five-star hotel in the heart of the Dunblane community.

Additionally, Inverlochy Castle Management International manages it.


Andy Murray | Lifestyle

Murray is a British sporting hero who has conquered a lot during his life and placed it on his plates. In addition to that, he leads a lavish and happy life alongside his small family.

Furthermore, Andy Murray is known for being private about his life the most times.

Workout Routine

Of course, workouts are the key to an athlete’s life. As for Murray, he can even go for working out six to seven hours per day, and he is quite a regular one.

Furthermore, Jez Green is his fitness trainer, and alongside they indulge in many steps forward.

Starting with a quick body warmup, Murray indulges himself in strength training. For it, Murray begins with lightweight repetitions for extending his muscles.

Most of its parts include cardio workouts like sprints, squats, boxing, box jump, weighted dip, splits, and running.


Apart from the workout he does in the gym, Murray also focuses on Bikram yoga. It often lasts for ninety minutes or an hour, which is performed in a hot room.

Advancing on, he also works for massage and acupuncture to enhance blood circulation and gain quick relief from his aches.

Diet Plan

As a professional player, alongside workouts, diet plays a crucial role in development. Indeed, alongside having his diet schedule, Murray also indulges in his cravings at certain times.

Overall, Andy’s diet plan includes a perfect blend of complex carbs, high proteins with healthy fats.

According to Andy, he consumes 6000 calories per day and eats high-protein food items.

He consumes food like peanut butter, yogurt, red meat, green and leafy veggies, chicken, to name a few. In the meantime, for carb foods, he eats rice and pasta.

Among all these food, Andy is more into sushi before his games. Well, he has his sorts of fruits and salads listed, while above all, hydration is the key.


Andy Murray resides in a £5 million Surrey mansion, which covers an area of 28-acre. Their huge mansion-like house features a long driveway at the entrance surrounded by trees and hedges.

Additionally, it is also the same winding driveway, where he plays tennis at times. Andy had bought the mansion in 2016, and it depicts a vast swimming pool, tennis court, a gym, and a beautiful garden.

Not to mention, the inside of the house consists of a five-bedroom, open plan kitchen, and dining room, massage room, and a courtyard-style garage building.

To elaborate, Murray’s kitchen is adorned with glossy cabinets and wooden furniture, with metal dining chairs.

Altogether, they have their private lawn, which provides them their chilling time alone while sunbathing. Alongside, Murray also has two pet dogs named Maggie May and Rusty.

Later, it was also reported that Andy Murray had added another house worth £3 million. However, he plans to rebuild it after demolishing it.


Andy Murray has bought and featured many cars to date. He does have a love for cars, and often, with his prize money, he buys one or two. Apparently, his first-ever car is Volkswagen Polo.

Not to mention, as Andy revealed, he can’t part from his foremost car no matter how hard he tries. He got the car right after his driving test at the age of 21.

Biography of Andy Murray[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Murray with the Jaguar

Furthermore, Murray bought a bright red Ferrari F430 with his £1.6 million prize money after winning the Men’s Singles Trophy at Wimbledon.

However, Andy later sold the car in 2010, stating he was too embarrassed to drive it.

Following it, Murray bought an Aston Martin DB9. Currently, he drives a Jag XKR after having sponsorship deals with the company.

“The only other car I have got is a Volkswagen Polo, which is my first car which I have still got. I had it when I passed my test at 21. Because it is my first car, I have kept it – it’s done about 30,000 miles now.”
-Andy Murray 

Books and Racquet

Although Andy Murray does not write many books, he has two books that you can find on websites and buy it.

Andy Murray has written a book named ‘Seventy-Seven: My Road to Wimbledon,’ released in November 2013.

As the name suggests, it is about his journey through his career. This book depicts his years and pivotal moments alongside his mental and physical battle to get to the very top.

Moving on to his gaming equipment, Andy Murray uses customized Head PT57A. This racquet does take inspiration from the original Pro Tour 630 model.

However, it has a 16×19 string pattern with a head size of 95 sq. inches.

Many fans wish to use the same racquet as he had used, and indeed, many can be found on various websites.

But it is all the new racquets customized to look like his because if his actual racquet is to hit the market, it would be sold for a lavish amount.


Talks on Vacation

Andy Murray is an avid traveler and often has to travel for work or leisure. As we said earlier, he is quite a private person, and at times, it is a pure joy to have him share his vacations.

Also, he travels all around the best destinations, and to cover up all is like just naming everything. In addition to that, here is what he thinks he had the most fun about during his vacations in total.

Andy Murray is a devout athlete as he must carry his tennis racquet no matter where he goes for the vacation. Indeed, it is as if his most important part.

Likewise, when he travels, he makes sure TV shows accompany him during the travel, and of course, he prefers getting occupied with games once he is at the destination.


According to Andy, his favorite city to travel to is Melbourne due to its diversity. Well, he also loves Vienna for its architecture and history.

Andy Murray | Help and Charity

As much as Murray has gained from his surroundings, he has also put effort into giving back to society. To date, he has been involved in various good causes regarding health, education, human rights, poverty, calamities, etc.

Back in 2009, Murray launched a charity alongside David at Wembley Stadium. Similarly, the British player is also the one who founded the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council.

It is the foundation to fight against malaria, and he has stood as part of its awareness programs to raise funds.

Additionally, Murray was also featured in the Rally Against Cancer, which he created to raise funds for Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Moving on, the kind-hearted Murray even donated to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, his entire prize money from the AEGON Championships.

Further, after the death of Elena Baltacha from liver cancer, he launched the ‘Rally For Bally.’

Furthermore, he also launched a game day where he played with Victoria Azarenka, Martina Hingis, Heather Watson, and Jamie.

This event took place at Queen’s Club and helped raise the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity fund.

Short Glance on Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a decorated athlete, and he refers to himself as both Scottish and British. It’s not that he has never fallen into controversies or any sort of those.

Every celebrity or athlete falls into its pit no matter how hard they try.

However, Murray has been a strong-willed determinant player and a pure human. Well, Andy is also the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award for 2014.

Also, Murray is a feminist who stands in support of the women players and coaches.

As a tennis player, Murray is best known for his returning serve and constructing points. He had stood as the 2016 ATP Player of the Year award after winning the ITF World Championship.

As of now, Murray stands as number 121 in the world men’s singles ranking.

Social Media

If you are interested in his uploads and life, do check out his social media sites. Andy Murray is on Instagram as @andymurray, with 1.7 million followers.


Likewise, he is on Twitter as Andy Murray (@andy_murray), with 3.5 million followers.

Some of his other facts on life are highlighted below.

  • Andy Murray grew up in Dunblane, and his parents split up when he was just ten years old. Therefore, he grew up with his father while his mother was the one to mentor him.
  • Andy has a bipartite patella (his kneecap is like two separate bones) which often causes him pain.
  • Murray is married to Kim Sears, daughter of player-turned-coach Nigel Sears, and together, they share four children. Murray tested positive for the COVID-19 in January 2021; thus, he missed his gameplay at the Australian Open.


  • “I don’t play in any tournaments to come second best.” 
  • “In tennis, it is not the opponent you fear; it is the failure itself, knowing how near you were but just out of reach.” 
  • “There’s nothing cooler than being woken up by James Bond.”

Andy Murray | FAQs

Is Andy Murray retired?

Well, Andy Murray nearly retired once due to his ongoing surgeries in 2018 and in 2019. However, he is not retiring as of 2021.

What tennis shoes does Andy Murray wear?

Andy Murray wears the off-white colored kicks from Under Armour. It depicts a two-way stretch synthetic material and a speckled foam sole. Furthermore, it also has an “AM” logo on the tongue.

What happened with Andy Murray?

In June 2021, Andy Murray had an arthroscopic hip surgery which was basically a hip resurfacing surgery.

What is Andy Murray’s career record?

Andy Murray maintains a career record of 684–208 (76.7%) in singles and 79–78 (50.3%) in doubles.

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