Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

The “Big Dawg” of the NBA, Antoine Carr is a former American professional basketball player. He is famously known as Antoine Labotte Carr.

This legendary player has played 16 seasons in the NBA throughout his career. He’s one of the respected figures who dominated the world of the NBA.

Carr was a major part of the spotlight as he liked to wear dark glasses during his match. Hence, his friends and fans gave him the nickname “The Big Dog” or “Big Dawg.”

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine Carr dunking for Utah Jazz

Likewise, Carr lived up to his nickname as his presence in the court was filled with charisma and dominance.

He played in the jersey number 33, 35, and 55 during his entire career as a power forward.

Quick Facts

Name Antoine Carr
Full Name Antoine Labotte Carr
Nickname The Big Dawg
Birthdate July 23, 1961
Age 61 Years Old
Birthplace Oklahoma City
Body Athletic
Father Unknown
Mother Joann Carr
Siblings Henry, James Carr, Tracy, and Terry
High school Wichita Heights High School
Profession Basketball player
Position Power forward
Pre-Draft Team Wichita State
Draft Entry 1983 NBA Draft
Drafted Round 1, Pick 8, Detroit Pistons
Draft Rights Trade DET to ATL, Jun 18, 1984
Affiliate teams Detroit PistonsSimac Milano

Atlanta Hawks

Sacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs

Utah Jazz

Houston Rockets

US national team

Houston Rockets

Vancouver Grizzlies

Ionikos NF

Kansas City Knights

Relationship Married
Wife Yvonne Hinojosa
Children Antoine Jr. Carr.
Favorite food Mexican rice
Net worth $10 to $15 million
Social Media TwitterInstagram
Merch Basketball Card, Autographed Basketball Card
Last Update August, 2022

Antoine Carr | Early Life & Family

Antoine Carr, aka The Big Dawg, was born on July 23, 1961, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Antoine has not shared the information regarding his parents. However, his mother’s name is known to be Joann Carr.

Not much is known about them or their whereabouts and personal life. However, they have been mentioned multiple times by Antoine during interviews.

Besides, Antoine Carr has four siblings. His younger Henry Carr followed his footsteps and is one of the reputed names in the NBA. 

Similarly, his older brother James Carr was a part of the WSU team. Moreover, the twins’ siblings Tracy and Terry played at the Heights. 

The mother of Antoine Carr dies from breast cancer

The former Wichita State star Antoine Carr’s mother, Joann Carr has passed away on Saturday.

His mother was an honorary chairwoman in 2015 for Susan G. Komen /Race For The Cure. Besides, she had breast cancer herself.

In accordance to D.J Fisher at Defining Sports Marketing Agency, Joann fought a hard battle with cancer.

Moreover, the posts on Twitter “Please pray for Antoine and the entire Carr Family.”

The Carr family is one of the most influential and well-known basketball families in Wichita. 

Antoine Carr High School

Antoine Carr attended Wichita Heights High School. He is part of the class of 1979. Since his teenage years, Antoine was tall with a talkative personality. 

Additionally, he was a basketball player at his high school as well. Antoine accepted a scholarship from Wichita State University and played locally. 

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Besides, one of his teammates from the 1977 Heights team was Darnell Valentine. Darnell goes on to be a future player in the NBA. 

Antoine and Valentine played basketball together at their high school. They were close friends and shared memorable games. 

Antoine Car played for four years for his Wichita Heights High School. Further, he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons during the first round. 

Further, he was a major contributor to his college team. Wichita’s basketball included future NBA players Cliff Levingston and Xavier McDaniel. 

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine Carr representing his college basketball team.

Antoine Carr accumulated 17 points per game and shot 55% during his time in the college team. 

Moreover, on March 5, 1983, Antoine scored 47 points, the school-record against Southern Illinois. 

Besides, Antoine averaged 7.6 rebounds and 22.5 points each game during his senior season at the college. 

Antoine Carr | Career

During his high school years, Antoine played for the Wichita Heights High School team. His brother Henry Carr also played for the high school team. 

Henry was layer drafted by none other than Los Angeles Clippers in 1987. 

He played basketball for Wichita’s State Shockers team from 1979 to 1983. Moreover, he went on to start his professional career in 1983. 

The Detroit Pistons chose Antoine’s car as their number 8 in round 1. However, he declined the offer and flew to Italy to play for the renowned Simac Milano. 

Further, Antoine was a major part of the Simac Milano during the 1983-1984 season. 

Professional career

 Antoine Carr was unable to agree to a contract offered by the pistons after his college career. It led him to play for Simac Milano in Italy during the 1983 to 1984 season. 

The club had offered him an attractive one-year contract worth $200,000.

After his short spell in the Milano, he goes on to play for the Atlanta Hawks. He was a major contributor for the Hawks from 1984 to 1989. 

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine Carr dunking for Simaco.

Besides, he played for the Sacramento Kings throughout each season from 1989 to 1990. Further, he goes on to represent San Antonio Spurs from 1991 to 1993. 

Moreover, he was a part of the Utah Jazz from 1994 to 1997. Additionally, he played for the Houston Rockets during the 1998 season. 

Some of the major achievement during his basketball career include :

  • Associated Press, and Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year.
  • Third-team NCAA Men’s Basketball All-Americans

A prodigy at NBA and a national player

During his time at the NBA, Antoine represented renowned teams like Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks. Furthermore, he also played for Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. 

Additionally, he was able to score a total of 9.176 points throughout his NBA stint. Besides, Antoine was popular for the bright-colored goggles he wore during matches

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine Carr as part of the 1982 US national team

Besides, he also played in the 1982 FIBA World Championship as a part of the US national team. He goes on to win a silver medal during the tournament.

The Infamous Goggles

The goggles became iconic and a part of Antoine in Utah. While playing a game against the Clippers in Anaheim, Calif, he sustained an eye injury.  

Antoine chased a loose ball during the game when an opponent’s nail caught him. The opponent’s swipe for the ball missed and caught his eye instead. 

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine Carr with his signature goggles.

The injury shut down his eye during the match. Consequently, Antoine had to wear an eye patch or goggles to avoid getting injured in the same eye. 

The goggles work as extra protection to avoid further serious injury, which might blind him. 

Return to NBA

Antoine Carr made his return to the National Basketball league during the 1985 to 1985 season. 

Further, he goes on to play the entire six seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. Besides, he moves on to the Sacramento Kings during the 1989-1990 campaign. 

At Sacramento, Antoine averaged 20 points per game and was a starter for the team. Additionally, he scored 1,551 points with Sacramento in that season. It was one of the best scoring seasons in his entire career. 

Moreover, he was also a part of the team at the San Antonio Spurs. Antoine was able to lead the team to field goal percentage. Besides, he performed a notable first-round series against the Utah Jazz in 1994. 

Antoine Carr was a substitute for David Robinson, who suffered a fractured hand. Despite being a substitute, he was able to give his best performance. However, the Spurs goes on to lose the series 1-3. 

On October 29, 1994, Antoine was signed as a free agent by the Utah Jazz after his stint with the spurs. At the Utah Jazz, he was a regular starter for the team as a center position beside Karl Malone. 

When not starting for the team, Antoine he fulfilled an energetic and optimistic sixth man. Nonetheless, his experience and ability to control the ball were utilized by coach Jerry Sloan. 

His strategy has helped Antoine to reach his full potential and lead Jazz to victory. The Utah Jazz had a remarkable victory against the Chicago Bulls in game 5 of the 1998 Finals. Antoine was destroying the opposing team’s defense with several clutch jump shots. 


Antoine Carr scored a total of 9,176 points in his NBA career. Numerous coaches admired his ability to manage the ball down low and control the game. 

He was renowned for his dunking and powerful presence on the court. Additionally, Antoine was a gifted player who can hit medium and long jump shots even under pressure. 

Antoine made 70% of his attempts from the free-throw line and 50% from the floor.  

However, his ability to control the game was compromised after an injury. It led Antoine to wear an orange-tinted eye-patch. 

Biography of Antoine Carr[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Antoine meeting his loyal fans

Apart from playing for the big names in the NBA, Antoine also played 18 games for Houston Rockets. Further, he was a part of the Vancouver Grizzlies as a reserve. 

On the other hand, he played one season with the Greek club Ionikos NF and Kansas City Knights. 

Antoine Carr retired from the game of basketball in early 2002. 

Antoine Carr | Marriage, Wife & Children

Due to his lifestyle, Antoine Carr has not shared much information regarding his marriage. So, there isn’t much information regarding his love life and previous affairs. 

Nonetheless, what does we know is Antoine is married to Yvonne Hinojosa. She used to work as a personal trainer with the Jazz. 

Thus, it led her to meet with Antoine during his NBA career. One thing led to another, and Yvonne and Antoine had feelings for one another. 

The couple has shared numerous memories during their time in the NBA. Shortly after their marriage, Yvonne gave birth to a child. His name is Antoine Jr. Carr. 

Their child was born just before the NBA playoffs. So, it was a stressful game for the NBA star. 

As a trainer, Yvonne Hinojosa realized the stakes at the NBA. Further, she has helped Antoine in every aspect of his life until his retirement. 

According to Yvonne, Antoine is very competitive even during casual gaming sessions at home or while fishing. 

Moreover, she says her husband Antoine loves the Mexican rice she makes him. It’s one of his favorite meals. 

Antoine Carr Age, Height & Weight

He earned his nickname “The Big Dawg” because of his physical presence in the field. As of 2020, Antoine is 50 years of age. 

Despite his age, he keeps himself in top physical form. Further, he maintains a strict diet, which he followed during his NBL days. 

Besides, he goes on regular workout sessions and walks according to his routine. Antoine Carr stands at 6 feet and nine inches and weighs around 116 kg. 

So, it is quite obvious his fans chanted his nickname during NBL matches. 

Net Worth & Income

The salaries of the NBL players vary between $20,000 to millions of dollars on an annual basis. It depends on numerous factors, one of them being the player’s statistics. 

Further, a D-list player earns around $50,000. At the same time, a professional NBA player earns around $2 million a year. 

The salary cap set for the NBL is $100 million. Besides, apart from NBL, players earn as low as $20,000 annually in minor leagues. 

During his time in the NBL, Antoine Carr played for numerous teams. So, he must have accumulated a fortune from his career as a basketball player. 

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 to $15 million. 

Social Media Presence 

Twitter – 4.2k Followers

Instagram –  489 Followers 


Is he partially blind?

No, he is not blind. Antoine suffered an injury which led him to wear an eye patch to avoid further injury.

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