Biography of Chris Mihm[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

As true as this statement, Chris Mihm’s hard work has made him a successful Basketball player in NBA history.

As a former professional basketball center, Chris played for nine seasons in the NBA for teams like Cavaliers, Celtics, and Lakers.

Likewise, Chris has given numerous memorable shots in the game that fans still remember to this day.

Biography of Chris Mihm[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Chris Mihm played for the Lakers from 2004 to 2009. 

There are many interesting facts about this former player, which this article will cover, including his career, net worth, and many more.

But before all the elaboration, there is a little knowledge board that speaks facts about Chris. Let’s look into that, shall we?

Chris Mihm | Quick Facts

Full Name Christopher Steven Mihm
Date Of Birth July 16, 1979 
Place Of Birth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nick/Pet Name Chris Mihm
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Gary Mihm
Mother’s Name Nina Mihm
Number Of Siblings Not known
Education University Of Texas
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Age 43 years old
Height ‎7 feet (2.13 m)
Weight 265 lb (120 kg)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic, Slender
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend No
Children Not Known
Occupation Basketball Player
Net worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Salary Not Available
Active Since 2000
Pets Not Known
Current works Not known
Social Handle Twitter
Merch Autographed Rookie Card
Last Update August, 2022

Chris Mihm | Age, Height, and Measurements

Born on July 16, 1979, Mihm is 43 years old in 2022. Did you know that the 16th of July is the 197th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar?

41 never looked so good like it did on Mihm.

Likewise, Chris stands at an extra tall height of 7 feet (2.13 m). This height is actually very rare as only about 2800 people worldwide are 7 feet tall or taller than that.

Never forget that the world population is approximately 7.4 billion, so the percentage is 0.000038%. So this rare player must thank his genes.

Moving on, Mihm weighs around 265 lb, i.e., 120 kilograms. That is a perfect weight to his height, and it would not hurt, honestly, to weigh a little bit more as well.

Maybe the perfection came from his consistent diet and exercise, as it is crucial for a player such as him to always be in good shape.

The former ex-basketball player has brown hair, and brown eyes with a complexion that contrasts and give him that stunning look.

According to his birth details, he falls under the sign of Cancer. Cancerians are faithful, defensive, instinctive, and thoughtful.

Most of the characters mentioned above can be seen on the court when Mihm is playing as he ticks most of it.


Chris Mihm | Parents and Early Life

Mihm was born to proud father Gary Mihm, and a loving and supporting mother, Nina Mihm, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Chris grew up in Texas, as his parents moved there when he was young. Sadly, there is no record of his siblings as of now.

Similarly, Kid Mihm was extremely in love with sports. It showed when Texas’ top tennis players ranked this tender and a young 14-year-old boy.

Chris grew up with future sports celebrities such as NFL offensive lineman Seth McKinney. He also played opposite of future US Open winner Andy Roddick and NFL quarterback Drew Brees.

Andy, Drew, and Chris were neighbors as they resided in the same area. And Seth was his classmate at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas.

By the time Mihm was in his senior year, he had become an all-state player.

Chris Mihm | Career In College

After graduating the high school, Mihm went on to join the University of Texas located at Austin. According to the history of the school, Chris was one of the top players with numerous ranks.

He was the earliest person in Texas history to have 1,100 points, 800 rebounds, and 200 blocks.

Chris ranks top on UT’s all-time blocks file and another in double-doubles. Not only that, but he is also fourth in rebounds and 16th in scoring.

Biography of Chris Mihm[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Chris Mihm with other players

In one game, when he played along with Mo Bamba and Chris Owens, they all made the single-game block record.

[Interesting Fact: Chris was the third seven-footer that studied at the University of Texas.]

In his freshman year, he didn’t miss even one game in the season. This dedication earned him an honorable mention in the Big 12- freshman team and all of the Big 12 honors.

Some nasty accident did take place in the first month of practice, and one of his legs had to be in a plastic boot for three weeks.

Chris glowed up even more in his sophomore year. Due to his gameplay, he collected Associated Press honorable mention all-American choice, Basketball Times all-southwest and Big 12 Conference Player of the Year by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He didn’t stop there, nor did the honors that kept coming to him like consensus first-team all-Big 12 picks, first-team NABC All-District 9 selection, and many more.

During Mihm’s graduation from college, he became the Big 12 career leader in blocked shots.

Chris Mihm | NBA Career

Mihm’s NBA career started with Cleveland Cavaliers after Chicago Bulls traded him. First, the Bulls picked him as a 7th overall in the 2000 NBA Draft.

In his rookie season, Chris didn’t occupy all the games due to his injuries. He missed 23 games out of 59 in total.

After recovering, Mihm played his first game versus the bulls and listed the first assist of his career.

In the second season, too, Chris was injured in the right knee and missed eight games.

And a record-breaking incident was that he got injured the third time as well. Chris strained his left hamstring.

In the second last and last season, he played 22 games for the club, but the club decided to trade him to Boston Celtics.

Biography of Chris Mihm[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Injured Mihm

Chris played as a reserve for another player and made a total of 54 games in Celtics. This time he missed a game because the strained left hamstring started acting up again. Poor Mihm!

Move to Lakers & Retirement

Los Angeles Lakers took him in for the off-season and a future first-round draft pick. Even though he played as the center in 75 of the games, he missed 7.

Likewise, the reason behind this was the gastrointestinal disorder and a sprained right ankle.

He missed several games in another season due to his surgery, and the club traded him to Memphis Grizzlies.

But surprisingly, Chris didn’t play a single game and ended up retiring from basketball.

Many had big expectations from this player, and a lot even assumed he would be dominating the entire NBA. But injuries failed his star.

We all can hope he is doing better with this health now.


Chris Mihm | Net Worth & Salary

As Mihm started his career with a blast, he still collected quite a fortune before giving up his favorite sport.


The primary income of Chris used to be basketball before retiring from it.

Even though we have no proper data of what Mihm is up to these days, we have been able to find out his net worth.

Chris Mihm | Wife and Personal Life

After giving up basketball, Mihm returned to his Univerity to complete his studies in 2012. Chris graduated with a degree in psychology major and a minor in communications.

Also, seeing his past endeavors, Texas honored Mihm during the Longhorns’ victory over Ole Miss.

Taking about his wife, Chris is often seen taking a lady with him in different functions, and awards show that fans swear by is actually his wife. But every list available to us has no data of her name.

Even though Mrs. Mihm’s name is unknown, the couple seems happy and so much in love. They are always jolly and sticking around each other.

Biography of Chris Mihm[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Chris and his wife

The couple’s picture shows us that they are meant to stay till the end. Some pictures are so perfect that it might almost make everyone envious of what they have for each other.


Chris Mihm | Social Media Presence

In this age of the internet and influencers, very few people chose to stay away from it even though they earned both name and fame.

Mihm is one such person who would rather live a peaceful private life than go on the internet and let people know he has it all together.

But everything, we mean everything, comes with a price, and the price of zero social media presence is a huge loss to his fans and admirers.

The former player might not post his pictures, but the internet is full of hashtags of Mihm.

Chris certainly ditched the social media platforms, but it looks like social media platforms will never do that to him.

Twitter has interesting tweets and some pictures of Mihm that date back to his playing career.

Chris Mihm | FAQs

What happened between Chris and Kobe Bryant?

The fans of Kobe Bryant still hate Mihm because of racial injustice faced by him as a black player. Some of them stated that Kobe had to score 40 just for the Lakers to be competitive, and the club wasted Kobe’s prime years until they signed off Chris.

Even though the players never confessed to having beef with each other and Chris insulted Bryan, the fans of the two players made that out of their own personal hate.

Kobe would always joke around and sometimes be a tyrant to his teammates, but he would never do it to offend Mihm.

Does Chris ever take Stimulating drugs during his gameplay?

There is absolutely no record of this player taking any drug to boost his performance at any game ever.

He was naturally a good player during his college career and was held back from getting the best recognition due to his injuries.

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