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Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

IFFA (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) claimed Cristiano Ronaldo as the World’s Best International Goal Scorer of XXI Century (2001-2020), has a whopping net worth of $500 million.

Not to mention, CR7 also became the first footballer to earn more than $1 billion in his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese professional football player, has won three successive Premier League titles: Fifa Club World Cup, Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League.

Similarly, from 2013-2017, Ronaldo has won three consecutive championship titles.

Nonetheless, after winning five games continuously, the total beast became the first player to win the trophy five times.

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Cristiano Ronaldo donning the #7 jersey, which makes him CR7.

Likewise, back in 2009, Cristiano was transferred to Real Madrid, and his transfer is one of the most expensive football transfers, worth €94 million.

Nonetheless, Ronaldo has been playing professional football since 2002, at the age of 18. Since then, he has earned over 170 caps which includes appearing and scoring in ten major tournaments.

Besides that, Cristiano has also been awarded Fifa Club World Cup Golden Ball (2016), Fifa Club World Cup Silver Ball (2008,2014, and 2017), Fifa World Player of the Year (2008), etc. to name a few.

Quick Facts

Before exploring Ronaldo’s net worth, let’s have a look at some of his quick facts.

Birthplace Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Birthdate February 5, 1985
Age 37 years old
Religion Catholic
Ethnicity Portuguese
Height 6’2″/1.87 m
Weight 84 kg/185 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Education Sporting Lisbon
Profession Professional Footballer
Started Career August 20, 2003
Position Forward
Current team Juventus
Nickname CR7
The Sultan of the Stepover
Rocket Ronaldo
Father Name José Dinis Aveiro
Mother Name Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro
Siblings Hugo dos Santos Aveiro
Katia Aveiro
Elma dos Santos Aveiro
Jersey number 7
Net worth $500 million
Salary $70 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez
Children Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.
Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro
Eva Maria dos Santos
Mateo Ronaldo
Brand Ambassador Free Fire game
Achievements European Golden Shoe (2015, 2011, 2008)
The best Fifa Men’s Player (2017)
Fifa World Cup Player of the Year ( 2009)
World Soccer Player of the Year (2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2008), and many more
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Merch Juventus Autographed Framed Jersey, Signed Juventus Soccer Ball, Limited Edition Trading Card
Last Update July, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo: Net Worth and Income

It is praiseworthy that Cristiano Ronaldo has accumulated a net worth of $500 million. Not to mention, Ronaldo is one of the highest-paid players in football history.

Undoubtedly, he earns a lot of money from brand endorsements and sponsorship deals. Besides, it is estimated that Ronaldo earns around $50 million from endorsements.

As per sources claim, in 2020, Ronaldo earned around $120 million, of which $70 million is from his salary, and the rest of the 50 million is from the endorsements of reputed brands like Nike, Clear Shampoo, and Herbalife.

One of the biggest brands Cristiano worked with is Nike. In 2016, the Portugese signed a $1 billion “lifetime” deal with the sports brand.

Despite the secrecy of the deal, it is believed that the deal between two significant powerhouses came for $100 million in signing bonus alone.

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Cristiano Ronaldo is smiling at the fans during his match.

Besides, Ronaldo has a four-year contract with Juventus, which earns him $64 million annually from that deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Houses

For someone like Ronaldo, who earns millions, his home is expected to be nothing less than a mansion. Currently, the Portuguese striker and his family of five are residing in their Italian property.

Besides, Ronaldo’s Italian house consists of a luxury indoor and outdoor pool; and this villa is beautifully clad in monochrome marble and twinkling ceiling lights.

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family inside his mansion in Italy.

Similarly, his lavish house has a nursery and playroom for his children. Likewise, there is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a gym.

Added to that, the mansion consists of six bedrooms and six bathrooms. Ronaldo moved here with his family in 2018 after his transfer with Juventus was complete.


Madeira House

Well, Cristiano yet another property in his hometown, Madeira. His £7 million Madeira house consists of seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a gym.

But what takes the prize is the rooftop pool lined with glass railing, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, which is absolutely breathtaking, to say the least.

Manchester House

During his tenure at the Manchester, young Ronaldo lived at the exclusive Alderley Edge area, just like his teammates.

There, CR7 bought a £3 million mansion consisting of five large bedrooms with everything that anyone can ask for. Besides, the house was also equipped with his and hers dressing rooms, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, and a cinema room.

However, in 2009 Ronaldo rented out this lavish mansion for $7.9k per month. Finally, Ronaldo sold the property after nine whole years.

New York Apartment

In 2015, Ronaldo purchased a luxurious apartment worth $18.5 million, and The New York Times published this news by New York Times at that time.

This apartment is located in Manhatten, Trump Tower, with a splendid view of Central Park.


After his record-breaking move to Real Madrid, Ronaldo needed a suitable home for his stay. For that, the striker chose a £4.8 million stunning La Finca neighborhood, designed by architect Joaquin Torres.

Likewise, Cristiano’s lavish home featured a state-of-the-art gym, fully equipped indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and lounge area. The house even has its own football pitch where the player regularly played.

Car Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo is someone who lives for thrill, and what a great way to experience it than with a fast car. Similarly, CR7 has a great interest in cars and has spent millions on various luxurious cars.

Some of his expensive splurges include 19 cars so far.

  • Bugatti Veyron worth $1.7 million
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 worth $318,000
  • Bentley GT Speed worth $220,000
  • Aston Martin DB9 worth $200,000
  • Audi R8 worth $150,000
  • Ferrari 599 GTO worth $385,000
  • 599 GTB Fiorano worth $310,000
  • Ferrari F430 worth $300,000
  • Rolls Royce Phantom worth $400,000
  • Maserati GranCabrio worth $140,000

Ronaldo’s other cars include BMW M6, Mercedes Benz C Class Sports Coupe, Porshe Cayenne, Audi Q7, and others.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo own a private jet?

It comes as no surprise that Ronaldo has a private jet of his own, not once but two!

Further, Ronaldo spent a whooping €28 million for the 2008 Gulfstream G650 model with a top speed of 610 mph.

Nonetheless, his luxurious jet consists of a kitchen, two bathrooms, eighteen seats which can be later transformed into nine beds.

Similarly, another private jet, the Gulfstream G200, one of the fastest private jet, cost him €20 million. The jet has a top speed of 560 mph.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Lifestyle and Vacations

There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a net worth of $500 million, lives a lavish life. He spends millions of dollars on luxurious cars, homes, jets, etc.

However, this celebrity footballer doesn’t have to spend a lot of money due to his numerous sponsorships covering his expenses.

Used to an expensive lifestyle, we can see Ronaldo wearing a Rolex GMT-Master II Ice worth $500,000.

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Cristiano Ronaldo posing in front of his own private jet.

Likewise, he owns Tag Heuer Carrera worth $222,500. He also has Rolex Yacht-Master II worth $48,219.

Frank Muller Cintrée Curvex Tourbillion, Rolex Sky-Dweller, and Hublot Spirit of Big Bang are some of the other exotic watches he owns.


Despite his hectic schedule, Ronaldo enjoys exotic holidays with his family. In 2019, Ronaldo’s vacation in Greece on a superyacht became the talk of the town.

As sources claimed, he paid $200,000 a week to stay in that lavish yacht.

Recently, in 2020, Ronaldo had to face a lot of backlashes for violating COVID-19 rules. For his girlfriend’s birthday, the family went on a trip to Mountain Resort.

However, Ronaldo and his girlfriend were fined $485 each for violating the COVID-19 travel rules.

Private Island

While most people are inside their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cristiano Ronaldo was busy exploring his own private island with his son. Yes, you heard it!

Despite the proof, many claimed that Cristiano could not own the island, but later Cristiano himself shared a picture of his with his son with the caption:


Cristiano Ronaldo: Charity

Apart from being a good player, Ronaldo is a great human being as well. He has been helping needy people as much as he can.

Ronaldo has even auctioned his prestigious award, the Golden Boot, which he won as a top scorer in Europe.

However, from the auction, Ronaldo raised more than £1 million, and the funds went to Gaza to make schools.

Likewise, in 2020, he even gave up three months’ pay to help people during the COVID- 19 pandemic. In total, he gave up €3.8 million to help the needy.

Similarly, he donated £1 million to supply beds, fans, and infusion pumps for hospitals in Portugal. Undoubtedly, Ronaldo has a heart of gold.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Brand Endorsements and Investments

More than 40% of the money Cristiano earns is from brand endorsements. As Cristiano is one the biggest names in the world, undoubtedly, the brand endorsed by him would be of great value.

Nonetheless, Ronaldo has endorsed some big companies like Armani, Tag Heuer, PokerStars, and Castrol.

He has also promoted a hair transplant company and nutrition company, Herbalife, by charging $44 million.


Talking about his investments, Cristiano has invested in clothing brands, hotel chains, hair care, perfumes, fragrances, and many more.

Similarly, when Ronaldo isn’t using his private jet, he rents out the aircraft for £3000 per hour. As per reports, Ronaldo has earned around $1 million a year from that venture.

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

Cristiano Ronaldo in black suit

Textile and fragrances are another business of this —similarly, adults and young kids prefer a wide range of CR7 underwear. Hence, Ronaldo generally models himself for that to increase sales.

Cristiano Ronaldo Book Publications

Cristiano Ronaldo – The Biography is one such book written by Guillem Balague. The book even won book of the year in 2016.

This book details Ronaldo’s life, success, hard work, controversies, and many more.


Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Cristiano Ronaldo had to face a lot of trouble in his childhood. His father was a drinker, and his mother had to work until late at night to provide her children with food.
  • Likewise, Ronaldo is a committed blood donor, so he doesn’t have any tattoos on his body. Because once you are inked, you can’t donate blood for four months as per rules of The Red Cross.
  • Further, Ronaldo had to go through major heart surgery at the age of 15 due to a racing heartbeat. However, he was so dedicated to football that he went for the practice just a couple of after surgery.


  • “I am living a dream I never want to wake up from.” 
  • “I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don’t believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of.” 
  • “Without football, my life is worth nothing.”

Who is the richest player: Cristiano or Messi?

Messi is one of the richest players in the world, with a net worth of $600 million. At the same time, Ronaldo comes in the second position with $500 million.

Similarly, Messi earns around $180 million every year, but Ronaldo earns $70 million.

In 2020, Forbes estimated Messi’s total earnings to be $126 million, from which $34 million is from brand endorsements, and $92 million comes from salary.

On the contrary, Ronaldo earned $117 million in the year 2020.

Cristiano Ronaldo Career

Talking about the beginning of Ronaldo’s career, Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid. At that time, Ronaldo earned $37 million every year.

After Ronaldo signs four year deal with Juventus in 2018, Ronaldo earns $64 million annually.

Similarly, as per reports, Ronaldo earned $109 million in 2019, making him the second-highest-paid athlete after Messi.

However, Cristiano is also called the world’s first Billionaire soccer player after cracking a $1 billion endorsement deal with Nike.

Social Media Presence

Cristiano Ronaldo is quite active in social media. He shares a lot of pictures of his girlfriend, children, vacations, and many more.

Not so surprising, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on social media. As he is the number one athlete and followed by many, Ronaldo earns around $889,000 per post.


As per various sources, Ronaldo earns around $1 million from Instagram per post. Similarly, this makes his Instagram-related revenue $23.3 million a year.

Instagram244 Million Followers 

Facebook: 125 Million Followers

Twitter91 Million Followers


What was Cristiano Ronaldo’s childhood nickname?

Cristiano Ronaldo was named the “cry baby.”

Was Ronaldo expelled from school?

Yes, Ronaldo was expelled from school at the age of 14.

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