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Biography Of Gurnazar Chattha [Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Parents, Songs & Movies]

Biography Of Gurnazar Chattha [Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Parents, Songs & Movies] (born 18 February 1990) is an Indian-born singer, songwriter, vocalist, and film actor who was born in Kurukshetra, India.

Early Life and Career

Gurnazar is a musician from Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. He completed his schooling from DAV College, Kurukshetra and pursued his higher studies in music from SD College, Kurukshetra. He comes from a Sikh family but not much information is known about his family except that he’s very close to his mother. He was fond of singing when he was young but never really thought of making it a career. Today, Gurnazar is known for his melodious voice but one thing he was passionate about before coming in the music industry is outdoor sports, he was so good at skating that he won 80 medals in total, which also include 3 for World Records. He made the first World Record by performing for Haryana roller skating team for playing Inline Hockey continuously for 30 hours in the year 2010 at Belgaum, Karnataka. Gurnazar’s second world record was in the category of roller skating which covered the distance of 720 km in 3 hours while the third one was made against there first record making it to 50 hours of playing Insite Hockey, in 2012. However, Nazar hasn’t done skating for more than 6 years now.

Gurnazar was very passionate about sports during his school days. Unlike other students who opted for cricket and football, Gurnazar chose roller skating. In a few year’s time, Gurnazar accumulated as many as 80 medals, including three for winning world records.

He clinched his first record in the year 2010 when he performed for the Haryana roller skating team and played the longest outdoor game (inline hockey) continuously for 30 hours. While his second world record was won in the category of speed skating, covering 720 km in 30 hours, Gurnazar’s third world record was made in 2012 when the team broke its first record and played inline hockey continuously for 50 hours.

Being deeply involved in roller skating, it came as no surprise when Gurnazar took up the job of a skating tutor at a local school. However, his love for skating was soon overtaken by the love for music.

Soon, Gurnazar and his friends formed a seven-member band named Green Chorus. The band kept participating in various reality shows/competitions and finally emerged as the winner of Channel V’s Nokia India Fest Launch Pad (2014).

As a result, the band started getting invites to perform at various college festivals and concerts. ‘Green Chorus’ is now a regular at various renowned hotels in Chandigarh. The lead vocalist is now a solo playback singer too and has given his voice for the songs Avega Mahi and Yaaran Da Kaatchup title track from the 2014 Punjabi movie- Yaaran Da Kaatchup.

At first, when he developed an interest in music, he wanted to record a song but had no money. He then searched for people who recorded songs for a maximum of Rs. 2000, he got lucky here and his first ever song was recorded for free. Then for the video, Nazar and his friends borrowed a digital camera from a friend and started shooting the footage for the music video. After editing the video, YouTube Facebook being a new trend at that time, they uploaded their music video on YouTube and shared it to everyone by messaging people personally. He got a good response through that and people liked it, and this encouraged him to do more such songs. Slowly, with the success of his first song on social media, the budget for song recording increased and Gurnazar recorded another song where he met Arvindr Khaira, the famous Punjabi Video Director today, he too started his career back then. Khaira offered him to shoot the music video for his next song. Gurnazar started performing on stages with the MP3 Track of the song for about 5 to 10 mins whenever he got the chance to. He developed more interest after a little appreciation from the audience and wrote some more songs. He went to a club in Chandigarh with his friends one day and they asked him to sing as a band was performing live there. So, he borrowed a mic from them and sang a Punjabi song. He got such an overwhelming response from the audience that he was offered to come and perform in the bar by the owner. He recreated the song “Deewana” which was originally sung by Sonu Nigam was released by TIPS, the company that released the original version of it. This opportunity was a big thing for him.

Facts about Gurnazar

  • Gurnazar is a sports freak and believes in staying fit and so he works out in the evening in the gym.
  • When he started performing live, he never thought his songs will be released. But now when he sings, the listeners like it and this is where he gets inspiration from and wants to do more and more songs for them.
  • He gets energy from the audience because he believes that the audience is everything for an artist.
  • His family and friends call him Nazar.
  • He loves traveling to the locations where he finds peace like mountains and beach destinations.


As of 2021, is not yet married and is currently single.

Net Worth

’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated at around $950, 000 (net worth estimated in 2021).

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