Biography of Harrison Wilson III [Age, Height, Family, Husband, Children & Net Worth]

To have success in any sports career, there is an important role of parents. It’s not different in the case of Russell Wilson.

Harrison Benjamin Wilson III is the reason being why Russell Wilson is successful today in the NFL. Moreover, his father was his role model growing up.

Likewise, Russell references his father’s valuable lessons in most media sessions and interviews.

His father was also a highly gifted athlete. His father played collegiate baseball and football at Dartmouth University.

Harrison Wilson III

So, it’s no surprise why Wilson excelled in baseball and football at the collegiate level. Later, bringing his footballing talent to NFL.

But, Russell Wilson‘s father passed away in 2010 due to diabetes complications one day after being drafted by Colorado.

Quick Facts

Full Name Harrison Wilson III
Date of Birth 9th November 1954
Date of Death 4th November 2010 (55 years old)
Place of Birth Richmond, Virginia, USA
Gender Male
Nick Name Unknown
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Dartmouth College
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Harrison Wilson Jr.
Mother’s Name Anna Wilson
Siblings John R. Wilson, Richard A. Wilson, Benjamin F Wilson (brothers), Jennifer Wilson, April Woodard(sisters)
Grand Parents Harrison Wilson Sr. (Grandfather) and Marguerie Ayers (Grandmother)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Body Measurement Unavailable
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Tattoo No
Relationship Married
Husband Tammy Wilson
Children’s Harrison Wilson IV, Russell Wilson (son), Anna Wilson (daughter)
Daughter in Law Cara Wilson (Russell wife), Courtenay Wilson (Harrison wife)
Grandchildren Win Harrison Wilson, Future Jr (grandson), Sienna Princess Wilson, Gracie Wilson, Nora Wilson, and Mattie Wilson
Profession Attorney
Collegiate Career Football and Baseball player
Salary Unknown
Net worth Unknown
Merch Russell Wilson Jersey
Social Media No
Last Update June, 2022

Who are Harrison Wilson’s III parents?

Before going depth into Harrison Wilson III, let’s find out who his father was.

Harrison Wilson was born on 9th November 1954 to parents Harrison Wilson Jr and Anna Wilson.

After her mother died in late 1960 due to surgery issues, his father later married Lucy Wilson, a former board member of Norfolk Public School.

He also has 5 other siblings, including two sisters and three brothers.

Russell Wilson‘s grandfather was Jackson State University Head Coach between 1951 to 1960.

He also served as Department of Health and Physical Education chairman between 1960 to 1967.

Overall in his 16 years as a collegiate basketball coach, Harrison Wilson Jr finished his career with an amazing record of 340 wins and 72 losses.

Likewise, after being Norfolk State University President in 1975, his tenure helped the university to another stature in southeastern Virginia.

During his retirement in 1997, to honor him NSU administrative building was named after him.

So, it is no surprise why Rusell Wilson is successful because he comes from a family that has inherited success for generations.

Harrison Wilson III | Background

After completing high school, Harrison Wilson III enrolled in Dartmouth University and was a football and baseball athlete.

He played as wide receiver in football and infielder in baseball. As one of few African American athletes in college, he helped form the first black fraternity in Dartmouth.

During his time in college, he excelled both as a player and student. He set the perfect example of an outstanding student-athlete.

Harrison Wilson III back in his collegiate playing days

Harrison Wilson III was one of the NFL prospects who desired to play in the NFL after graduating from college.

Although he made it into San Diego Chargers preseason team, he failed to make it into their first team.

However, in 1977 he cut short his wish after he got a chance to enroll in the University of Virginia Law School. After pursuing a law degree, he graduated in 1980.

Later, he became an attorney. He also served as Hard Road to Glory Sports Hall of Fame executive director.

Harrison Wilson III is married to Tammy Wilson. Although not much is well-known regarding her past, she is a legal nurse consultant.

Tammy also played an important role in Russell Wilson‘s devotion to Christianity.

Harrison Wilson III had diabetes. Later, his illness became his death cause, and he passed away on 9th June 2010.

Harrison Wilson III | Children’s

Harrison Wilson IV

The oldest child of Harrison Wilson III is Harrison Wilson IV. Like his brother and father, he played two sports in the college.

He was a basketball and football player at the University of Richmond. Harrison is the reason behind Russell becoming quarterback.

As a wide receiver, he requested his brother to become quarterback and throw balls towards him during training sessions.

Currently, he is Co-founder and CEO of Limitless Minds.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is the middle child of Harrison Wilson III. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL history.

Before making it into NFL, Russell played collegiate football at North Carolina State University and the University of Wisconsin.

Later, Russell was selected by the Seattle Sea Hawks in the 2012 NFL draft. Since then, he has been loyal to the Seahawks.

Moreover, he has played every NFL season for the Seahawks playing all games to date.

Similarly, his 4-year contract extension worth $140 million with Seahawks in 209 is the 4th richest contract in NFL history.

Harrison Wilson III children

Likewise, he has finished all of his seasons with a winning record. Russell also holds the record for most wins by a quarterback, coming into 9 seasons with 98 wins.

Furthermore, he holds more than 40 records of the Seahawks franchise in the NFL.

Besides that, Russell is the 2014 Super Bowl champion and has an 8x Pro Bowl selection and Rookie of the Year award to his name.

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson is the youngest child and only daughter of Harrison Wilson III.

Likewise, 2016 Mc Donalds All-American Anna Wilson played her senior high school season with Bellevue High School.

In her final season, she averaged 15.3 PPG finishing the season undefeated. Later, she committed to Standford University, being ranked 5-star prospect by ESPN.

During her fifth season, Anna started every game in Cardinal’s journey to become NCAA champion. She also earned 2021 Pac 12- defensive Player of the Season. 

Furthermore, representing the USA, Anna won FIBA U-17 World Championship in 2014.

Just like his brother Anna also had a special bond with her father. Tammy used to travel for work often, and her brother was usually out for practice.

So, Anna took care of Harrison Wilson III most of the time. Her father died when she was just 12.

Likewise, Anna mentions her father’s death teach her to “see the best in people when they’re at their worst.”

Harrison Wilson III | Daughter in Law

Harrison Wilson IIIs, youngest son Russell Wilson, is married to Ciara, a popular and influential American singer, dancer, actor, and model.

The couple married on 6th July 2016 in Peckforton Castle, England. Recently they also celebrated their 5th anniversary.

She has already spent more than one and a half decades in the music industry selling over 7 million albums and 16 million singles globally.

Ciara is also well known for her dance, stage performance, and choreography, so she is known as “Queen of Dance.”

Also, Grammy award winner Ciara has enjoyed an illustrious music career. Likewise, thanks to her style and beauty, she is also booming in the modeling industry.

Ciara also actively works in her husband’s Why Not You Foundation, which Russell founded being influenced by his father.

Harrison Wilson IIIs oldest son Harrison Wilson IV is married to Courtenay Wilson. Unfortunately, she seems to be a private person, so no many details about her are found.

Harrison Wilson III |  GrandChildrens

Altogether Harrison Wilson III has six grandchildren. His older son Harrison Wilson IV has three daughters.

Among them, Gracie Wilson (8 years) is the oldest, Nora Wils) (5 years) is the middle one, and Mattie Wilson (3 years) is the youngest.

Likewise, his second Russell Wilson has three children, including one of the Russell stepson Future Jr.

On 28th April 2017, Russell welcomed his daughter and named her Sienna Princess. Later on 23rd July 2020, his son Harrison Win Wilson was born.

Rusell’s son’s middle name, WIN, is for Russell’s success in the field. In addition, Harrison is named after his grandfather Harrison Wilson III.

Relationship between Russell and his Father

Russell Wilson would not have had an illustrious NFL career and become the respected leader today without his father.

Harrison Wilson III was his child’s great role model while growing up both on the field and in academics. Russell also grew up training with his dad.

So, it is not a surprise why all of his children are standout players in their respective sports.

He would drive him to team football practice early at 6 am. Later while returning home, he quizzed him on what happened.

He also pretended to be a football announcer, sometimes interviewing him. Likewise, he learned many quotes and sayings.

Harrison Wilson III’s teaching did not go wasted as Russell emerged as outstanding football and baseball player.

Similarly, Russell writes downs the phases his father taught him on his athletic tape before every game.

Furthermore, Russell always references his father’s valuable life lessons in interviews and media sessions.

Lastly, Russell started his Why Not You Foundation, being inspired by his father. Harrison Wilson III always asked him the question, “why not you.”

Later, “why not you” questions became the center of who Russell is.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When did Russell Wilson’s father die?

Russell Wilson‘s father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, died on 9th June 2010. He passed away due to diabetes complications at 55 years old.

Moreover, he died the day after his son Wilson was drafted by Colorado Rockies after his junior year.

Was Russell Wilson’s father an NFL player?

Russell Wilson‘s father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, was a collegiate football and baseball athlete at Dartmouth University.

Although he was an NFL prospect, he did not try out for NFL after being accepted into the University of Virginia Law School.

Who are Russell Wilson’s parents?

Russell Wilson is the second child and youngest son of Harrison Benjamin Wilson III and Tammy Wilson.

His father was an attorney, and his mother works as a nurse.

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