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Biography of Kawhi Leonard [Age, Height, Family, Wife, Children Net Worth & Salary]

The estimated net worth of Kawhi Leonard is $70 million.

Kawhi Leonard is a 30 years old professional basketball player. Currently, he plays in NBA for Los Angeles Clippers. Previously he played for SanAntonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors.

Generally, Kawhi Leonard is the spirit animal of NBA fans. He is just a humble and quiet guy who does not like to attract unwanted attention or change his persona.

Moreover, playing as a small forward, Kawhi is one of the complete players in the world. Thanks to his rare physical traits like amazing wingspan from his height, huge hands, and athleticism.

Although starting his career as a defensive-oriented wing, he has now improved his scoring ability too.

Kawhi has his own legacy in the present NBA as a dynasty destroyer. He has won 2 NBA championships and became the finals MVP on both occasions.

Firstly, he put a brake in Heat 3 peat in 2014, later stopping Warriors in 2019.

Kawhi Leonard playing for Raptors



Quick Facts

Name Kawhi Anthony Leonard
Date of Birth 29th June 1991
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Nick Name The Claw, The Klaw
Age 30 years old
Gender Male
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Horoscope Cancer
Body Measurement 47 inches (Chest), 16 inches (Arms), and 33 inches (Waist)
Height 6’7″(2.01 m)
Weight 102 kgs (225 lb)
Body Mass Index (BMI) 25.3
Build Athletic
Wingspan 2.21 m
Shoe size 14
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Tattoo Yes
Father name Mark Leonard
Mother name Kim Leonard
Siblings 4 sisters
Relationship Married
Wife Kishele Shipley
Children Kaliyah Leonard (daughter), son (name unknown)
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Position Small forward
Education Canyon Springs, Martin Luther King (High School), San Diego State (College)
High School Ranking 4-star recruit/ 56th ranked (ESPN)
Draft 2011 (15th overall pick) Drafted by  Pacers traded to SPurs
NBA Debut 2011
Team Los Angeles Clippers
Previous Teams San Antonio Spurs (2011-2018), Toronto Raptors (2018-2019)
Current Affiliations NBA
Jersey Number 2
Salary $34,379,100
Net Worth  $70 million
Social Media  Twitter
Achievements 2x NBA champion, 2x NBA Finals MVP, 2x ALL NBA First Team, 5x NBA All-Star, 2x NBA Defensive Player of the year
Shoe  New Balance
Merch Signed NBA Jersey, Funko Pop, Rookie Card
Last Update  May, 2022

Kawhi Leonard | Income and Net Worth

Deemed as one of the best players in the NBA, Kawhi is paid handsomely for his time on the court. The Klaw is the 12th highest player in the NBA and second among the Clippers squad behind Paul George.

In July 2019, he signed 3 years deal with the Clippers, worth $103 million after being a free agent. Currently, he earns $34 million from his contract, whereas he earned $32 million in his first year.

Similarly, in his final year in 2021-22 of the contract, he will earn $36 million.

Moreover, from his previous club Toronto Raptors, he collected $23.22 million playing one year.

During his rookie year in 2011, he earned $1.3 million. Following that he earned $1.8 million in his second and third years, whereas $3.5 million in his fourth year as a professional.

Later, after the expiry of his rookie contract, he signed a 5-year extension worth $94.3 million.

However, he only played 3 seasons for the Spurs earning $16 million in the 2015-16 season. Leonard earned $17 million the following year and $18  million from the 2017-18 season before trading to the Raptors.

The estimated net worth of Kawhi Leonard is $70 million. Moreover, his maximum income comes from his salary/winnings.

Kawhi Leonard | Endorsement and Business


Apart from his salary Kawhi also has numerous endorsement deals with many brands. His fame has definitely made him one of the marketable players.

Moreover, from endorsement deals, he roughly earns $5.5 million.

Kawhi Leonard during advertisement of New Balance shoe

After becoming shoe free agent in 2018, he signed a multi-year deal with New Balance. Likewise, he is ranked 15 in endorsement shoe deal earners in the NBA.

Collaborating with New Balance, Kawhi has already released two signature lines. His first shoe was released in 2019 and second in 2020.

When his first shoe was released before Game 5 against Sixers, it was sold out in less than a minute in Canada.

Before New Balance, Kawhi had a shoe deal with Nike; he used to wear the shoes of Air Jordan. Although Nike offered him 4 years $20 million deal, he declined it.

In 2019 Kawhi sued Nike for the over usage of the “Klaw” logo which he designed. The player won the case in 2020.

After winning the 2019 NBA championship, he earned a deal with Cargo Jet Airways based in Ontario.

Likewise, in February 2020, the small forward signed a sponsorship deal with Honey.


In 2020 Kawhi joined as investor and board of directors member for supplement company X2 Performance.

Moreover, he is the face of the brand, using Kawhi’s image and likeness to expand. He was lured by X2 in a Series D funding round, raising about $14 million.

Furthermore, Kawhi has adored the momentum X2 is taking to enter the growing market of energy drinks.

Kawhi Leonard | Lifestyle

Kawhi Leonard is a multimillionaire athlete. He has already gained fame and wealth through his basketball career. But he likes to keep his lifestyle simple as possible.


Kawhi still likes to drive the same car he owned during his high school, The 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe which he called “Gas Guzzler.” He mentioned how he still drives the same old truck because it still runs.

Likewise, the Clippers star later bought a 2016 Subaru Forester SUV. Despite having millions in his pocket, Kawhi is adamant about not letting the glitzy L.A. life get to him.


One thing that Kawhi likes to spend his millions is houses. As of now, he owns 3 houses in California worth $37 million in itself.

His recent purchase includes a $17 million house in Pacific Palisades, which was built in 2018. The property is 12,000 sq ft which includes an infinity pool with a cabana, 960 bottle wine cellar.

Likewise, it also has a 10 person movie theater, 7 bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms. Although it was listed for $25 million in the market, he bought it for $17 million.

Moreover, while still playing for Toronto Raptors, Kawhi bought 13,000 sq ft property in Rancho Santa Fe for $13.3 million.

The house has a workout room, home theatre, gourmet kitchen, and boasting 2 offices. Similarly, it also features a multi-section pool with a spa, fire pit, and waterfall.

Lastly, he owns a penthouse near Staples Centre, which costs $6.725 million. The house covers 4,280 sq ft, featuring wooden floors, glass walls, a fitness center, and custom fireplaces.

The three-bedroom home also has well-mounted iPads to control the smart house.

Kawhi Leonard | Professional Career

Indiana Pacers drafted Kawhi Leonard in 2011 but later traded to San Antonio Spurs.

During his debut season, he got selected for the 2012 Rising Challenger and came fourth in the Rookie of the Year award. He was also selected in the 2012 All-Rookie first team.

He made the NBA finals in his second season but was denied glory by the Lebron-led Miami Heat.

However, next season, Leonard led his team to victory against the Heat in the Finals. He also won Finals MVP averaging 17.8 PPG with 61% shooting.

Later, Kawhi Leonard joined Haleen Olajuwon and Michael Jordan to win both NBA Defensive Player and Finals MVP.

The next two seasons, he collected a back-to-back Defensive Player of the year award. In 2016-17 he also got his first All- NBA first teams selection.

However, next season he had an injury-prone season. During the same season, he got involved in disputes with Spurs over his treatment.

After requesting for trade, Kawhi was traded to the Raptors. During his only season with the Raptors, he led the Canadian side to the championship.

Overall, he recorded 732 points in the playoffs and also won Finals MVP.

On 10th July 2019, Kawhi signed with the Clippers. In his debut against LA Lakers, he registered 30 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists.

He also won All-Star Game MVP in his first season with the Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard | Charity

Kawhi Leonard has been involved in many charity works after joining NBA. Like other athletes, Kawhi is giving back to the community after turning pro.

In 2019, Kawhi, in partnership with Clippers Foundation and Baby2Baby, donated 1 million backpacks in Southern California schools. They intended to reduce stress on families with low income.

Moreover, it was the largest donation made to LAUSD, where every student of Moreno Valley Unified, Inglewood Unified, and Los Angeles Unified School got backpacks.

Likewise, after winning 2014-15 Defensive player of the year, Kawhi donated his new KIA Sorrento to children’s charity, Respite care.

He mentioned the car would help care to move kids and look better in life.

Kawhi also has played in various charity events to raise funds for needy people. Similarly, he has also donated his autographed items like jerseys, shoes, basketball for the cause.

Kawhi organizes free basketball camps for youngsters every year. He intends to help parents who can’t afford fees to attend pro players camp.


  • “Winning is motivation.”
  • “I don’t care about winning an MVP – the MVP does not mean you’re the best player in the league.” 
  • “I’m just the same guy… I don’t need to be a celebrity or a superstar.”

Interesting Facts

  • Kawhi is nicknamed The Klaw. The nickname is suitable for him as his hands are 52% wider than the average man’s hand. According to New York Times, his huge hands measures 9.75 inches long, and from thumb to pinkie, it’s 11.25 inches.
  • Growing up, Kawhi played football. But he quit in 9th grade to focus on his basketball. Although his dad was sad, he always supported him. Likewise, besides sports, he also took a piano class and helped his dad in the car wash during childhood.
  • Kawhi Leonard is the 3rd youngest Finals MVP and just the 6th player to win Finals MVP without being an NBA All-Star.
  • Actually, Kawhi Leonard is not a social person and likes to live a private life. Like other NBA players, he does not have social media accounts. Moreover, his last tweet was made in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car does Kawhi Leonard drive?

Interestingly, despite earning $34 million yearly, Kawhi Leonard still drives The 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe, which he owned back in high school.

What is the salary of Kawhi Leonard?

In 2019, Kawhi signed a $103 million 3 years deal with LA Clippers. Currently, as of his contract, he earns $34 million. Moreover, he is the second-highest earner in his team.


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