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Biography of Michael Savarino[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth]

American college basketball player Michael Savarino is following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Mike Krzyzewski.

He is currently playing as a point guard for the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team since 2020.

After reading about his grandfather’s legacy, Savarino developed a keen interest in basketball. His grandad has been serving as a head coach at Duke University for over 40 years to date.

Biography of Michael Savarino[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth]

Michael Savarino is playing as a point guard for the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team. Source: Pinterest

Michael’s grandfather, Mike, led the Blue Devils to the NCAA Division I five finals and won them by his tactics. He also won 12 Final Fours, 15 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament championships, and 12 ACC titles.

Let’s read the quick facts about Michael Savarino depicted in the following table.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Known as Michael Savarino
Birth Date March 26, 2001
Birth Place Durham, North Carolina, USA
Residence Durham, N.C.
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Education Durham Academy (2019), Duke University (Since 2020) – Majoring in Sociology
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Peter Savarino
Mother’s Name Debbie Savarino
Siblings Three including Two Sisters, Emmie and Carly, and One Brother, Joey
Age 21 Years Old
Height 6 feet (182 centimeters)
Weight 82.5 kilograms (182 lbs.)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Body type Mesomorph
Profession Basketball Player
Relationship Status Dating
Career Active Since 2017
Retirement Still Competing
Position Point Guard, Shooting Guard
Class Sophomore
Sports team Duke Blue Devils
Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Honors NCCA Division I Player of the Year (2016), NCAA Division I Player of the Year (2017)
Net Worth $1.2 million (Est.)
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Duke Blue Devils’ Merch Men’s Apparel, Face Mask
Last Update July, 2022

Michael Savarino | Early Life, Family, and Education

was born on March 26, 2001, to Peter Savarino Krzyzewski and Debbie Savarino.

Moreover, his father is a former basketball player, while his mother is an assistant athletics director at Duke University.

Savarino shares his childhood memories with his three siblings, including two sisters, Emmie and Carly, and one brother, Joey.

Furthermore, they all grew up in Durham, North Carolina, famous for its medicine and healthcare.

Biography of Michael Savarino[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth]

Michael Savarino with his whole family during his college basketball debut in North Carolina. Source: Pinterest

Michael has been very close to his grandparents, Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski, from a very young age.

Likewise, they completed their silver jubilee years of marriage now. They celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary in 2022.

One of Michael’s aunts, Debbie, is the primary fundraiser for Duke’s sports performance research facility, The K Lab.

Meanwhile, his second aunt, Lindy Frasher, is the staff counselor for the Duke basketball team. He also has one uncle, Jamie Spatola.

Michael Savarino’s Relation with his Grandfather, Mike Krzyzewski

Since Michael’s grandfather has more than fifty years of experience as a basketball coach, it is believed that his grandson got his DNA.

Furthermore, he trained him to become the best in every game since his childhood days. Michael got the opportunity to play basketball because he came from a well-known sports family.

Similarly, he always went to see NBA games with his grandfather from the first row in his teens. He slowly realized his passion was playing basketball.

Biography of Michael Savarino[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth]

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Blue Devils’ head coach, gave basketball tactics to his grandson, Michael Savarino, during the game. Source: Pinterest

It is not the case that a highly regarded athlete or a member of a player’s family can not participate in the same sports. However, it is only a player’s perspective to conceive it as a strong foundation.

Having the playing style in the sports field gives an advantage. He is also fortunate to play for his college basketball team since his granddad took him under his wings.

Learn more about his college stats, basketball recruiting, and scouting report on ESPN and Duke Basketball Report.

Michael Savarino | Basketball Career Stats is Brilliant!

Michael Savarino began his basketball career at Durham Academy in North Carolina. He captained the Cavaliers’ Varsity boy’s team twice during his high school career.

Savarino’s career free-throw percentage was 91 percent, and his three-point percentage was 35 percent. Also, he appeared in 87 games throughout three seasons, averaging 7 points and three rebounds in his junior season.

During the 2018/19 season, Michael guided the Cavaliers’ Varsity squad to a 28-4 triumph. He averaged 7.3 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game in his final year at Durham Academy.

Michael opted to prepare for the collegiate basketball selection process in 2020 after graduating from high school. Later, he debuted against North Carolina (3/6) and played one minute.

While hauling down a rebound, Savarino scored his first career point on a free throw. He also had an assist in the ACC Tournament, which Boston College won by a score of 3:9.

Following his first two seasons as a walk-on, Michael was awarded a scholarship at Duke University in August 2021. In addition, he played three minutes versus Army by 11/12, securing an attacking rebound.

By 12/14, Savarino hit a three-pointer in four minutes of action against South Carolina State. He then made one of two three-point attempts for three points and two rebounds in four minutes against Elon on 12/18.

Michael Savarino | Criticism of Nepotism

Mike got pretty impressed with Michael’s growing success by seeing the young talent. Moreover, he could not stop dominating him as an amateur basketball player. He quickly made a great impact on big games.

Michael’s grandfather decided to welcome him to the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team, and it was a great decision.

Some individuals, however, were dissatisfied with his choice and accused him of favoritism and nepotism.

On the other hand, Michael came into the limelight after his selection to Duke University. He and his grandfather got involved in Duke Blue Devils’ games most of the time.

Biography of Michael Savarino[Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth]

Duke Blue Devils point guard Michael Savarino denied the allegations of nepotism and favoritism. Source: Pinterest

Savarino proved himself as a tough competitor during his college basketball games. Also, many people started to proclaim that he should be on the squad.

NCAA Division I league representatives said that Michael is equally eligible among other young talents. He got interested in playing for the Dukes, not because of his granddad’s recommendation but by his willingness.

A Big Deal for Michael Savarino

It became a big deal for Michael Savarino when he scored his first field goal in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Moreover, he is a basketball sensation amongst his fellow teammates at Duke University.

Michael said with excitement that there was more to come on the way. It is an extraordinary moment for his family and friends.

But, he called his grandfather Mike “a source of inspiration and true coach,” who always stands by himself.

Michael says his grandfather is strict during the basketball practice session at Duke University. He also proclaims that he always does the right thing for the team and its players to learn new lessons.  

After many hardships, Savarino’s grandfather still says he and his team are glad to welcome him to the squad. As of now, he is become a true sportsman because of his learning enthusiasm about basketball.

Michael Savarino | Net Worth and Salary

Michael Savarino has a decent net worth of $1.2 million, his father’s wealth. He reportedly makes an average earning of $33.4 thousand per year as a college basketball player.

Michael’s grandfather, Mike, boasts $45 million as a lucrative net worth.

As a basketball head coach at Duke University, he earns $9.7 million as an annual base salary. Likewise, he accumulated total earnings of $40 million throughout his coaching career.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: @michael.savarino (11.2k followers)

Twitter: @michael_sav (2k followers)

Michael Savarino | FAQs

What is Michael Savarino’s current basketball team?

Michael Savarino has been playing as a point guard for the Duke Blue Devil men’s basketball team since his debut in 2021.

How old is Michael Savarino’s Grandfather, Mike Krzyzewski?

Coach Krzyzewski is about 74 years old (February 13, 1947) with 56 years of basketball experience.

Why was Michael Savarino arrested?

Recently in November 2021, Michael Savarino was arrested by N.C. Highway Patrol after drinking alcohol under the age of 21 and a stop sign violation.

Back then, he was driving a 2017 Jeep SUV that was registered to Paolo Banchero, with Banchero as a passenger in the backseat of the vehicle.

Later with the blood test, Savarino’s blood alcohol content was 0.08.

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