Biography of Michelle Bonner[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]

A woman has always struggled to prove her worth to the world but has succeeded in proving them wrong.

Michelle Bonner is an excellent example of such an empowered woman. She is an American journalist and businesswoman.

The beautiful blonde has not only proven her worth via journalism but several other ventures.

She has become one of the most significant inspiration sources because of her resilience in building their career.

Biography of Michelle Bonner[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Michelle Bonner

Henceforth, here is everything you need to know about the wondrous woman, Michelle Bonner, and her untold story.

But, first, let’s dive a little deeper into the life of the fantastic journalist and businesswoman. 

Quick Facts: Michelle Bonner

Full Name Michelle Bonner
Profession Journalist, Businesswoman
Date of Birth June 6, 1972
Birth Place Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States
Graduation Northern University in Science and literature
Nationality American
Additional experiences Volunteer, Chair of the fundraising and communications manager, Director of Marketing, Freelance writer, Adjunct Professor, and many more.
Channels where Michelle worked as an anchor ESPN, CNN, WCVB-TV-New England Patriots, FOX Sports, and rest. 
Famous personalities who were interviewed by Bonner The Rock, Kobe Bryant
Achievements Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Journalism, an Emmy Award for Best Newscast, and three additional Emmy nominations. 
Titled as ‘Lead’ sports anchor
Age 50 Years Old
Average Earnings as a news reporter $38,647 per year
 Approximate income as a marketing director  $107 332
Marital Status Happily married 
Bonner’s Son Matthew
Hobby Cooking
Michelle’s traits Fun-loving, Positive aura, Secret Keeper
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Father’s name Not available
Mother’s name Not available
Husband’s name Not available
Merch Books
Last Update September, 2022

Michelle Bonner | Early Life, Parents & Education

News anchor Michelle Bonner was born on June 6, 1972. Bonner’s parents are kept confidential while sharing a few memories with them via social media handles. 

Likewise, Bonner’s scholarly background is pretty impressive. She graduated from Northern University in 1994 with a degree in Science, literature. Furthermore, she has extensive experience as a volunteer. 

According to Bonner’s LinkedIn, she worked for the West Hartford Youth Hockey Association as a fundraising and communications manager for almost two years since 2012. 

Likewise, Michelle served as president of West Hartford MOMS Club International Chapter for two years, from August 2012 and 2014.

She has further served as a volunteer in a prominent position for various clubs. Besides having glamorous experiences, Michelle also had an impressive and motivating internship period.

Moreover, Michelle takes pride in her roots and has posted a few pictures reminiscing her structural days. 

Unfortunately, Michelle Bonner’s parents are away from media scrutiny. She is a family person and enjoys vacations with them.

Additionally, she occasionally tweets about her mother and shows how grateful she is for her presence. 

Born in an American family, Bonner has maintained her life privately despite appearing on television every day.

The news reporter and marketing director exude determination, ambition, and secretiveness. 

Therefore, let’s hope to glance into Bonner’s family life in the coming days. For now, let’s move on to Bonner’s career achievements.

Michelle Bonner | Career

As stated above, Michelle Bonner is known as one of the most accomplished journalists in the industry.

She has been working as a director of marketing at Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford since October 2017

Furthermore, Bonner is also working as a Freelance writer for We-Ha.com since 2017.

Likewise, she has been an adjunct professor at the University of Hartford for more than a decade. 

Michelle Bonner’s career as a journalist was not smooth as she grew up from the bottom.

Before pursuing her present ventures, Bonner, previously worked as the principal, PR & Media Relations at Bonner Consulting Group. 

Furthermore, Bonner’s road to success as an anchor/host worked with several reputed channels, including ESPN, CNN, WCVB-TV-New England Patriots, FOX Sports, etc. 

Likewise, Bonner worked as a news producer, sports anchor, sideline reporter, etc., for WVII-TV from 1995 to 1997.  

Furthermore, Bonner began her broadcasting career at WCHS-TB as a news producer and fill-in sports anchor/reporter in Charleston, West Virginia.

She went on to work in several cities like Manchester, New Hampshire, and Bangor, Maine, etc. Moreover, Bonner became a sports anchor/reporter at KRIV in Houston for two years. 

Looking at Bonner’s LinkedIn, she has endured every tide and high during her career-building period. Additionally, her ventures allowed Bonner’s net worth to grow significantly. 

Throughout Michelle’s career, she has interviewed some notable names in the entertainment industry, including Kobe Bryant, The Rock, etc. 

Correspondingly, Bonner shares several throwback pictures on her Instagram that cutely express her working days with some remarkable reporters. 

In addition to her extensive contribution to television, she has received several awards like Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Journalism, an Emmy Award for Best Newscast, and three additional Emmy nominations.

Similarly, she is the first female to be named ‘lead’ sports anchor in a primary television market. 

Net Worth & Earnings

Aforementioned, Michelle Bonner’s resume readily shows her hard work since the early years. 

Although Bonner’s net worth is kept a secret, she must have earned a significant sum through her work. 

Bonner’s contribution to the industry has been significant. Besides her assistance, she has generated an impressive sum of money through journalism. 

Biography of Michelle Bonner[Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Salary, Award & Net worth ]
Michelle Bonner Courtesy ESPN1

According to her IMDb, she has a few credits for at least three television appearances since 1979. Hence, Bonner’s bank account must have a generous amount of money. 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Director of Marketing is $107 332. Hence, she must have accumulated several dollars as a marketing director. 


Therefore, it is safe to assume that Michelle Bonner’s net worth must have spiked up since the starting of her career. 

Likewise, the average pay of a professor is USD 102,402 per year. Consequently, Michelle must have earned an impressive amount as a professor. 

Despite having a successful career, Michelle still maintains a down-to-earth persona and lives a very austere life.

Bonner’s house and another source of income remain confidential. However, we can assume that the multi-million dollar allows her to live a comfortable life with her family. 

Age, Height & Body Measurement

While writing this, news reporter Michelle Bonner is in her late 40s. She is enjoying every moment of her life, surrounded by family members and loved ones. 

Besides having a beautiful life and face, she is fiercely competent at work, never too dull, always got something to do, and full of ideas.

Furthermore, her delivery skills, both as a journalist and a writer, are astounding.

The black hair, slender nose, rosy lips, and likable personality blended with her pleasant smile differentiate her from the crowd. 

Currently, we might as well believe that Michelle Bonner is one of the most beautiful journalists and businesswomen.

Beautiful face, hair, and charming aura make her presence commendable. In addition to a beautiful face, Michelle Bonner stands tall with confidence, radiance, and a sexy body. 

As a Gemini, Michelle is a fun-loving person and a great secret keeper. She is outgoing, fun-loving, and a great person to have an in-depth conversation with. 

Personal Life, Husband, Children, and Family

Michelle Bonner has had a thriving career since the 70s. But, she also maintains a valuable marital life with her partner. 

Unfortunately, Bonner is a very private person and has kept most of her details confidential.

Furthermore, the Emmy award-winning journalist Michelle Bonner’s husband is a mystery. 

Sadly, there are no details regarding Bonner’s relationship details. Hence, we can only wish her a happy marital life. 

Despite maintaining privacy regarding her marriage, she occasionally thanks her husband via Twitter for supporting her emotionally and professionally. 

Although Bonner’s spouse is away from media scrutiny, the pair share a child. Bonner’s son, Matthew, is a frequent face on her Instagram.

She uploads his pictures and updates his achievements proudly. Furthermore, Bonner’s son looks pretty athletic.

The mother-son duo is out on the ground playing and making memories. The Zealous Boston fan, Michelle Bonner, prefers to call herself a goalie mom.

Therefore, the mom-son duo shares a special connection via sports. Michelle Bonner is an inspiration for the world and a great mom to look up to.

Hence, her son, whom she calls Matthew, is a lucky boy to have such a supportive mom. 

Besides being a supportive mom, Michelle loves to take her son on vacation and let him absorb the environment. The organic love between the mother-son is adorable. 

Michelle Bonner’s Loves To Cook

Well, the mother is responsible for maintaining a positive aura in the family. Thus, there’s no better way to make a person happy than good food and delicious foodgasm later. 

Michelle shares a lot of her food on Instagram. She loves cooking for her baby boy. Since Matthew is at growing age, she must be cherishing her meal-prep. 

Well, Michelle Bonner’s marriage is a mystery, and her parents are away from public appearance.

She genuinely maintains secrecy despite having a winning career as a businesswoman and a journalist with an impressive year of contribution. 

While mentioning Bonner’s intimate nature, she rarely shows her life via her social media handles. Therefore, it is tough to find the whereabouts of the Marblehead, Massachusetts native. 

Despite having word crunch about the award-winning journalist Michelle Bonner, she is a phenomenal person to look up to.

She further overcame every obstacle and enjoyed a victorious career. She works as a writer and a marketing director for a non-profit organization and lives a simple life. 

The former ESPN news reporter, Michelle, is grateful for her achievements and hence is humbled by the support of everyone who helped her rise up. 

Therefore, let’s hope to see more of Michelle Bonner’s life in the coming days. 

Social Media Presence:

Twitter1044 Followers

Instagram: 145 Followers

Some FAQs:

Is Michelle Bonner still alive?

As far as we know, this insanely talented journalist is still alive.

What is Michelle Bonner doing now?

Michelle Bonner currently runs her own public relations consulting group.

Did Michelle Bonner receive golden mike?

Michelle Bonner received Golden Mike for “Best Sportscast” and the Associated Press Award in 2001.

Is Michelle Bonner lesbian?

No, Michelle Bonner is not lesbian. As far as we know and learned about the journalist, Michelle Bonner is a straight woman who is happily married to her husband. In addition, she also has a son.

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