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Nomfundo Ngcobo (born 18 July 2000) popularly known by her stage name as Nomfundo Moh is a South African singer and songwriter who hails from KwaZulu-Natal.

Nomfundo Moh delivers passionate vocals and consuming harmonies in isiZulu, over a sparse Afropop instrumental with strong elements of trap soul. Umthwalo, meaning burden, deals with melancholy as a subject, Nomfundo’s lively delivery and engaging, energetic personality shine through, inspiring hope and motivation.

It is without a doubt that this young lady has mesmerized a lot of people with her voice and catchy tunes, she is definitely here to stay.

Early Life and Career

Johannesburg – Nomfundo Moh was born in a small town in KwaZulu-Natal.

Nomfundo Moh was Born on the 18th of July year 2000 at Ndwedwe, Kwa–Zulu Natal. She is a singer and a songwriter The name Nomfundo was given to her by her parents, simply meaning “umama wemfundo – the mother of education. Following her name after matriculating in 2017, she got admitted to the university of Kwazulu natal (UKZN) in the year 2018.

In UKZN she is studying for a bachelor of social work and confidently believes she will be a graduate soon. From her childhood, she has always been an energetic child with melodic tunes. She always liked to involve herself with music.

The seriousness of Nomfundo Moh’s music started when she joined a church choir, it was there that she started doing covers, mashups and finally began to script her own music.

Earlier in the year 2020, Nomfundo Moh decided to record her first solo afro-pop single titled Lilizela produced by an award-winning producer Naxion–cross. Lilizela has debuted on few community radio stations. Moh draws her inspiration from seasoned afro-pop giants like Ami Faku, Amanda black, and Mthunzi.

But the energetic 20-year-old has a big personality and is ready for the spotlight.

“I’ve always loved music. I started off in church choirs and built from there. I kept on growing in music and started writing my own songs from around 2016 when I was in Grade 11. From there I just knew I would never be able to put music aside. So I decided to do something about it,” said the bubbly singer whose full name is Nomfundo Ngcobo.

It has been an interesting journey for the singer-songwriter who began by producing covers in her bedroom until she found streaming success with the song, Lilizela.

In February 2021, Ngcobo released the single after taking it down from digital platforms in September 2020.

The song now has a new life and a new interpretation that her fans can appreciate.

“Lilizela is about embracing and cherishing love. I am also trying to get people to realise the importance of love. Nowadays people don’t see love for what it is, they only think of it as bringing heartbreak.

“I want people to have that positive feeling about love, it can be a beautiful thing. When you see people in love, rejoice with them, because your turn could be coming next.”

Ngcobo is loving every step of her music journey.

“It’s given me that chance to shine and I feel so good about that. I enjoy songwriting so having the platform to express myself and for people to hear what I write is a big achievement for me. My biggest dream now is to perform live for an audience.”

Her dreams of music weren’t initially met with the same excitement from her family as they know the music industry to be cut-throat.

“I am very glad my family is supporting me now. When I first started to show interest in music, they did not approve because of how the industry is and they knew I could do a lot more outside of music. My mom had that fear that I might not make it. She has always encouraged me to do other things outside of music. I took that advice and I am now doing my fourth year studying towards a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.”

She said she was glad she took the time to focus on her studies and let the music come into her life when it was time.

“I could never abandon music because I love it so much. I believe, deep down in my heart, that I am going to go far with it.”

Music lovers can look forward to another single release from Ngcobo very soon.

“My next single is titled Umthwalo. I am working on an album and it is 90% close to completion. It will be titled Amagama.”

Her stage name Nomfundo Moh is also her childhood nickname which she got from her family.

“I’m very petite and as an energetic child my family would joke about how I would be jumpy like a mosquito. I don’t usually tell people how Moh came about,” she chuckled.

Ngcobo wants people to get to know more about her through the music.

“My music is Afropop because I am inspired by the African sound. My music has a lot of elements in it. You will find love songs, soul, trapsoul, Afropop and some House music because I used to be a House vocalist. I am accommodating everyone with this upcoming album.”


“Soft Life”
“Phakade Lami”
“Isandla Sikamama”

Boyfriend/ Husband

Nomfundo Moh is currently single and not in any relationship right now. Nomfundo Moh is also not married.

Net Worth

Nomfundo Moh’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated at around $35, 000 – $1.5 million (net worthn estimated in 2022).

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