Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]

Veronika Khomyn, Sean McVay’s wife or soon-to-be, is a Ukrainian-born fashion designer, realtor, and model who currently lives in the US. Khomyn is also a social media influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram.

The talk of the town is, Veronika Khomyn’s fame is essentially due to her dating the famous Los Angeles Rams head coach, Sean Mcvay. However, the young lovebirds are still on the verge of tying the marriage knot.

Sean McVay is the former American football player and present head coach of the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Veronika Khomyn (Source: Instagram Veronika.khomyn)

Regardless, her stunning beauty is also the reason for her modeling career back in her hometown and here in the USA.

Check out Veronika’s brief facts and scroll down for more juicy and exciting information about Sean and Veronika.


Sean McVay’s Wife | Quick Facts

Full Name Veronika Khomyn
Age  32 years old
Birth Date March 1, 1990
Birth Place Kyiv, Ukraine
Current Residence Encino, California
Education Graduate
High School Kyiv High School
University George Mason University, Virginia
Nationality Ukrainian-American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Sexuality Straight
Mother’s Name Unavailable
Father’s Name Unavailable
Siblings  One Sister
Known For Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay‘s Wife
Height 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
Weight 55 kilograms ( 121 lbs)
Body Measurements Bust Size – 33 inches
Waist Size – 26 inches
Hip Size – 36 inches
Bra Size 34D
Shoe Size 6 US
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Tattoo Unknown
Marital Status  Engaged
Partner Sean McVay
Children  None
Profession  Model, Fashion Designer, Businesswoman, Realtor, Instagram Personality
Net Worth  USD 3 million (approx)
Salary  Not Available
Active Since 2009 – Present
Social Media Instagram
Sean McVay’s Merch  Signed NFL Mini Helmets, Signed NFL Jersey
Last Update July, 2022

Sean McVay’s Wife: Veronika Khomyn | Age & Body Measurements

Veronika Khomyn is Ukrainian, born on March 1, 1990, in the Kyiv city of Ukraine. As of 2022, Veronika is 32 years old, but her beauty is still as same as of 20.

Since she was born on March 1, her constellation sign is Pisces.

The stunning and hot lady has chosen her career as a model, so she must keep herself slim and fit. And Veronika has done a marvelous job keeping her health enriched.

Veronika has an average height of 5 feet and 8 inches (172 centimeters) and 55 kilograms or 121 lbs of appropriate body weight.

Furthermore, the charming model has a perfect body tone with 33 inches of bust, 26 inches of waist, and 36 inches of hip. Also, her shoe size is 6 (US).

Likewise, her beauty has been boosted by her alluring gray color of the eyes and blonde hair. Being a model, she is often seen changing her hair colors and highlighting them according to her needs.


Veronika Khomyn | Family & Education

There are not many details or any data regarding the family members of Veronika. Unlike her open relationship with McVay, she has not revealed any information about her family and education.

But for a fact, we know that she has a sibling sister. Sadly, the sister’s name is still unavailable to the media.

In any way, Veronika and her sister were brought up in Ukraine alongside their parents because Veronika completed her elementary and high school education in Kyiv High School, Kyiv.

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Sean McVay And His Girlfriend Chilling In The Fresh Air (Source: Instagram)

However, Veronika started appearing on commercials and advertisements even before her high school graduation. At 18, she started her career as a model in Ukraine while in high school.

After completing her high school studies in Kyiv city, the 32 year old moved to the US to study fashion design at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

While at George Mason University, Khomyn acquired US citizenship and established a thriving business in fashion and modeling.

Veronika completed her bachelor’s in fashion designing from George Mason and at the same time started dating Sean McVay.

Relationship With Sean McVay

Veronika Khomyn and the handsome Sean McVay met in Washington DC in 2011.

At the time, McVay was the tight-ends assistant coach for the Washington Football Team, then known as the Washington Redskins. At the same time, Veronica was a student at George Mason University, studying fashion design.

It is still unclear when the pair started their affair, but the couple’s first photo appeared on social media in 2016. Since then, they have been constantly spotted together in many private events and public places too.

Being a regular Instagram user, Veronika shares a lot of couple moments on her account, showing how much they love each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Reportedly, after eight years of romance, Sean finally proposed to his girlfriend in Cannes, France, on June 22, 2019, and Veronika accepted the proposal.

Many rumors arose when McVay went all out to propose to his girlfriend, with reliable sources putting the engagement ring at approximately $100,000.

Currently, the couple resides in a 4,600 square feet palatial home in Encino, California. McVay paid $2.7 million for the place when he was named head coach of The Rams in 2017.

Before her engagement, Veronika lived in Virginia and thus later relocated to Los Angeles to live together with her boyfriend.

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Sean McVay’s Wife: Veronika Khomyn Supporting her husband during a match (Source: Instagram)

As indicated previously, the wedding bells are already ringing with reports revealing that the couple is planning to organize a destination wedding. Even so, a date and a location have not yet been announced.

Besides, the engaged couple does not have any children yet. So maybe we shall keep these expectations to ourselves until the wedlock has happened.

Sean McVay’s Wife: Veronika Khomyn | Career

As described formerly, Sean McVay‘s wife began modeling and acting on advertisements during her high school studies. After that, Veronika started her career as a model for UFC gym and DC clubbing in Fairfax.

Later on, she moved to the US to advance her career and joined the college in Washington DC under Fashion Design and established a profitable and progressing business in fashion.

Although, presently, she owns a boutique.

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Sean McVay’s Wife: Veronika Khomyn Taking A Selfie (Source: Instagram)

Despite that, she owns a real state business based in California. Once, she helped her fiance sell and shift house all in a day.

The fashionable lady is also an Instagram star, a social media influencer, with around 56K followers. She has monetized her account and earns from sponsorship and adverts.

In addition to that, the influencer utilizes the media platform to create social awareness, including climate change and natural calamities.


Veronika Khomyn | Net Worth

Struggling from a very young age, Veronika has come a long way to achieving success.

Beginning from Ukrainian model to American model, running a business in fashion design, and now owning a boutique, Veronika has earned and spent a lot.


On top of that, her real state business is also another source of income that adds to her riches.

On another note, Sean McVay holds wealth worth nearly $8 million. Apparently, Sean’s salary as the head coach of the Rams is $1.2 million annually.

So, collaboratively, their assets come to be more than $10 million.

Social Media Life

Veronika has always been fascinated with Instagram and has more than 55K followers.

Other than that, Veronika does not use any other form of social media.

In her handle, she posts her selfies and moments with Sean. Moreover, you can find photos and gifs of her attending her fiance’s game to support Sean.

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Veronica Khomyn And Sean McVay In An Event (Source: Celebritynetworth)

In 2016, Veronika and Sean publicly revealed their relationship status through Veronika’s Instagram.

Apart from her handle, Sean McVay‘s wife has also opened her dog Kali’s Instagram account. She posts and manages Kali’s Instagram account along with hers.

Not to forget, you can follow Veronika Khomyn as Veronika.khomyn and be updated about the couple’s activity.

Brief Biography Of Sean Mcvay

Born on January 24, 1986, Sean McVay is an American football coach, currently the head coach for the Los Angeles Rams. Mcvay enrolled the records as one of the youngest head coaches in the history of the National Football League.

Till Sean was appointed as the head coach of Los Angeles Rams, he used to be an assistant coach for Washington Redskins between 2014 and 2016 and an offensive coordinator.

Early Life & Family Background

Sean McVay was born in Dayton, Ohio, and he grew up around his grandfather.

Furthermore, he went to the Marist School and played as a quarterback and defensive player in the football team. There McVay stole the show on the field by completing more than 2000 yards.

Sean was rewarded as Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year in 2004 for his iconic performance and capability in the field.

Biography of Sean McVay’s Wife(Veronika Khomyn)[Age, Height, Family,Kids]
Sean McVay (Source: Pe.com)

In 2004, he matriculated high school and joined Miami University as a wide receiver, where he studied for four years and completed his graduation in 2008.

Looking behind, one can see, the young coach got his rush and talent in football from his family legacy. His father, Tim McVay, played amateur football in high school as a defensive back.

But, it all started with John McVay, Sean’s grandfather, who coached the New York Giants for two years at the beginning of his career. Subsequently, he has written his name into the history of the NFL by managing the San Francisco 49ers for more than 20 years.


FAQs | Sean McVay’s Wife: Veronika Khomyn

What does Sean McVay’s wife do?

Sean McVay‘s wife, Veronika Khomyn, earns her living from her real state business and boutique. She is also an internet celebrity with thousands of followers on Instagram.

Besides that, she is a model and a fashion designer and has done several modeling gigs, including at UFC Gyms and a few Ukrainian commercials.

Are Sean and Veronika married?

Sean McVay and Veronika Khomyn engaged in France in 2009, but they still left to exchange the vows.

However, the couple has hinted to get married soon.

How old is Sean McVay?

As of 2021, Sean McVay reached the age bar of 35. When he was appointed as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams in 2017, Sean was 31, making him one of the youngest head coaches of the NFL.

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