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Felo Le Tee (born in the 1980s-90s) is a South African music personality and is the brain behind many projects including French Kiss. The musical genius has worked and collaborated with many other top artists in South Africa. Some of the artists he has worked with include DBN Gogo.

The album Thokoza Café was a collaborative effort between Dihno and Felo Le Tee. His impact in the entertainment industry so far speaks for him.

Lately, he dropped a protect titled Paradise, and big names in the industry were featured. Artists like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Daliwonga, Mas Musiq, Focalistic, JazziQ, and more. The song recorded much success and climbed its way to the top 100 on iTunes.

His recent amapiano hit songs have thrust him further into the limelight.

Tsholofelo Mokhine, aka Felo Le Tee is a musical genius

Felo Le Tee Biography

Tsholofelo Mokhine was born Felo Le Tee in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, South Africa. He was born and reared in Siyabuswa, where he began his musical career at a young age.

He began collecting cassettes as a 14-year-old and played them on both sides, leaving the other on cue. When computers were introduced, this became a lot easier for him, and he went digital.

Thobejan was one of the early mentors he looked up to and was instrumental in his ascension. Vinyl was introduced to him by his DJ mentor. Felo Le Tee, on the other hand, continued to use CDJs. He’d always wanted to be different, so he took steps to achieve that goal. Tshegofatso Teffo, another of his mentors, was also essential in his rise. Teffo was the one who introduced him to the world of musical production. He had always desired to advance in his career, and he achieved so. Felo Le Tee wanted to study and move to Tshwane from where he was staying.

Listening to his songs, it’s obvious that he’s well-educated and may have taken a music course or completed a program. Damelin awarded Felo Le Tee a Sound Technology accreditation.

Real Name

His real name is Tsholofelo Mokhine.

Early Life

Felo Le Tee was born Tsholofelo Mokhine in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, South Africa. He was also raised in Siyabuswa and his musical journey began at a very young age.

As a teenager of 14 years, he began to collect cassettes and played them on both sides leaving the other on cue.

The introduction of computers made this a lot easier for him and went digital. At the early time, Thobejan was among those he considered mentors and also contributed to his rising. His DJ mentor introduced him to vinyl. However, Felo Le Tee further continued with CDJs.

He has always wanted to be unique and then he made a move to gain his ground. He met with another mentor of his, Tshegofatso Teffo, who also contributed to his rising. He was introduced to musical production by Teffo.

He always wanted to gain ground in his career and so he did. Felo Le Tee wanted to study and relocate from where he stayed to Tshwane.


Felo Le Tee is self-taught, despite the fact that some of his mentors played a role in his rise in the profession. He taught himself a lot of what he knows about DJing and music production. He returned to music creation after finishing his studies, and he released the demo “Home Land” as a result.

The prototype album’s tracks made ripples, and one of them caught DJ Tira’s interest. The Deejay requested that the track Excitement be included in the Finest Lady Vol. 5 compilation.

The DJ Cndo’s album was scheduled to be released on the Afrotainment label. He’s worked and cooperated with musicians from both inside and outside the country.

The song “Ngwana Mani,” which features DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Mpura, and Visca, was one of his biggest hits in the entertainment sector.

Felo Le Tee Age

At this moment, we have no information about the entertainer’s official age.

Social Media

He is active on social media and has gained the followership and discipleship of many. The music producer uses his accounts on social media to promote his career.

He shares banners and other pictures about his progress. Sometimes he is in the studio, some other times, he is having fun. He boasts over two hundred and nine Thousand followers on Instagram.

  • Instagram: @feloletee
  • Phone number (bookings): +27 (83) 308-1075, +27 (83) 640-9773
  • Emails: bookings@lawk.co.za


Felo Le Tee Songs

Some of his songs include:

  • Bopha
  • 66
  • Ngwana Mani
  • Phori
  • Nje Nje
  • Skoloto
  • Abafana
  • Ntombo
  • Shuck n Jive
  • Duduzane
  • Guluva
  • Chomi
  • Deja Vu
  • Uvalo
  • Eirene
  • Holy Water
  • Buya
  • Sugar
  • Imvula in Amsterdam
  • We Just Living
  • Stranger
  • Storm Is Over
  • The Plug
  • Only You
  • New Day
  • Stimela
  • Dance Mayhem
  • Form Of Art
  • Controlla
  • Hamba Hamba Nazo
  • The Forbidden Fruit
  • Siyabuswa Anthem


  • Paradise (2021)
  • Elijah (2018)
  • The DJs Bible (2018, EP)
  • Just Living EP (2013, EP)


Listening to his songs, one need not tell you that he is educated and may have studied a course or did a program relating to music. Felo Le Tee obtained a certification in Sound Technology from Damelin.

Wife/ Girlfriend

Felo Le Tee is currently single and not dating or in any relationship. Felo Le Tee is also not yet married.

Felo Le Tee Net worth

Felo Le Tee is no doubt a musical genius and his efforts and input in the entertainment industry speak for him. As Disk Jockey, Producer, Composer, and Song Writer he has made a huge return. Felo Le Tee is estimated to be worth around $380,000.

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