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Kalistus “YAWA” Biography [Age, Wife, Net Worth & Profile 2022]

Sifon Okoi popularly known as Kalistus YAWA is a Nigerian-born comedian, actor and also a content creator. Kalistus has indeed proven himself to be among the top comedy skitters in Nigeria.

kALISTUS in 2020

  • Real Name: Sifon Okoi
  • State Of Origin: Akwa Ibom
  • Occupation: Comedian

This article is about Kalistus Yawa biography, net worth, age, wife and lifestyle in 2022.

Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa is a popular Nigerian comedian who has made the comedy skit in Nigeria very interesting and fun. Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa is from Eket Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, he grew up in Abuja where he attended Government Secondary School Karu Abuja, and he later attended Federal Technical College Orozo Abuja. In 2012, Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa became a graduate of Sango Ota Polytechnic Ogun state where he studied Business Administration Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa is a complete Nigerian in the sense that his spoken languages are unbelievable; he speaks and hears his dialect Ibibio very well, he also speaks and hears Hausa, Yoruba and English. Four (IV) languages including English is a great advantage in Nigeria and his Profession.

Kalistus hilarious antics and the reality of life in his country Nigeria has made him to be creative and good in what he does by putting those antics into a stand-up comedy skit.

Study has proven that comedy and laughter is one thing that can wipe away some burden of sorrows that is disturbing you or bothering you at a particular time or moment if not entirely; and Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa can make you laugh in a way you never expect couple with the shape and structure of his body and the way he demonstrates will make you laugh out loud the more.

His hilarious antics, quality of production and methods are what he spent time and effort to perform just to make sure he gives his audience and fans what they really deserve and like. He has over 7 episodes which will make you laugh out loud 100%. Yes! 100% because those videos are funny and made from everyday life reality Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa also known as YAWA has accomplished a lot within a small period of time but mind you, this project was accomplished with the help of a smart and intelligent person, and this person is none other than Kassim Braimah. All the comedy skits were produced and directed by KASSIM BRAIMAH.

Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa also known as yawa is slim in stature, gentle in nature and also natured with culture. It is said that slim people are naturally slow but when it comes to Sifon Okoi slowness is far from him because he is as fast as a hawk. Sifon Okoi AKA Kalistus Yawa has a favorite quote which he always talks about with his audience not just with his audience, he always include it in most of his comedy skits: the quote goes like this “When the Desirable is Not Available the Available Becomes the Desirable”.


As of January 2022, Kalistus Yawa net worth is estimated to be $95, 000.

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