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South Africa’s 2021 Top 10 Google Searches: Killer Kau, Shona Ferguson & More

Annually, toward the end of the year, Google takes stock of what people did with its search engine and releases its verdict for the world to see. From Nigeria to the United States to South Africa, google has got data on the most searched terms.

The list released by the search behemoth indicates that people mostly searched for events that happened in the country – or were about to happen.

SASSA status check” topped the list for the top 10 trending general searches. SASSA stands for South Africa Social Security Agency. It was established to ameliorate the suffering spawned by the coronavirus pandemic and was instrumental to many South Africans receiving stimulus payments.

Euro 2020” came second, followed by the “Premier League” and Shona Ferguson. Fondly called Uncle Sho, was an actor and movie producer who had charmed many with his acting skills and magnanimous spirit until his sudden death from coronavirus complications in late July.

South Africa’s top 10 Google searches in 2021

  1. Sassa Status Check
  2. Euro 2020
  3. Premier League
  4. PSL
  5. Pakistan vs South Africa
  6. Election Results
  7. Killer Kau
  8. DMX
  9. Wimbledon

By this time next year, it would be interesting to see what would turn up tops in the list from Google. Stay tuned

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