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Top Amapiano Songs of 2022

Top Amapiano Songs of 2022

Ami Faku, Young Stunna, Boohle and Kabza De Small.

As we crossover the midway mark this year, South Africans are slowly wakening to amapiano’s staying power and dominance on local music charts and dancefloors across the country – a hard pill to swallow for some cynics who believe the genre’s popularity and cultural significance is waning.

Whether the music will feature prominently in the coming years only time can tell. The present time, however, presents an opportune moment to dig deeper into the dynamic soundscape and take stock of the latest releases that have impressed listeners in the country.

It is also worth noting now that the genre is becoming a beacon of hope and an important launchpad for breakthrough artists and genre-crossing musicians who have found more success since joining the amapiano bandwagon. They include serial hitmakers such as Uncle Waffles, Young Stunna, Kamo Mphela, Reason, and Major League DJs.

Below is Music In Africa’s updated Top Amapiano Songs 2022 playlist, which was first published as part of our annual playlist series in February. It boasts the latest music by the top musicians working in the amapiano scene.

Top Amapiano Songs 2022 Free Download

1. Tanzania by Uncle Waffles and Tony Duardo ft. Sino Msolo and Boibizza

Tanzania Amapiano Mp3, which has been dominating local airwaves since it was released in March, attests to the 22-year-old DJ’s skill and talent, which have earned her instant stardom and success. She has caught the attention of local media and has become one of the most talked about DJs in South Africa.

Tanzania Amapiano Mp3

2. Abo Mvelo by Daliwonga ft. Mellow & Sleazy and M.J

Abo Mvelo Amapiano Mp3 boasts long-time leading amapiano vocalist Daliwonga’s prowess with his rapid rhymes and lyrical delivery. He features duo Mellow & Sleazy fast-rising singer M.J – the group’s fellow stable mate at the Mr JazziQ-owned label Black Is Brown Entertainment.

Abo Mvelo Amapiano Mp3

3. Ghost by Kamo Mphela ft. Daliwonga and Felo Le Tee

Ghost Amapiano Mp3 is a statement to Kamo Mphela’s naysayers that the 22-year-old super talent is in it for the long haul. The influence of Michael Jackson’s block-busting classic hit ‘Thriller’ can be seen in the video with its compelling visuals and explosive choreography.

Ghost Amapiano Mp3

4. Chipi Ke Chipi by Mellow and Sleazy

Chipi ke chipi Amapiano Mp3 loosely translates to ‘a hard beat is a hard beat’ and is probably an early sign of disappointment for listeners with a penchant for lyrics. The heavy and repetitive instruments are reminiscent of the early amapiano sound. But the duo somehow make the song a hit among the lyrically heavy modern amapiano songs.

Chipi ke chipi Amapiano Mp3

5. Ebusuku by Kabza De Small ft. Nkosazana Daughter

Ebusuku Amapiano Mp3. Affectionately known as the king of amapiano, Kabza De Small has been holding the weekend vibes with the release of this club banger back in April ahead of his upcoming album.

Ebusuku Amapiano Mp3

6. Ziwa Ngale by Kabza De Small ft. DJ Tira, Young Stunna, Dladla Mshunqisi and Felo Le Tee

Ziwa Ngale Amapiano Mp3 Another constant feature on party playlists, this mid-paced tune is akin to an anthem among amapiano listeners, a relatively simple feat to pull off when working with contributors such as leading amapiano creators artist Young Stunna and Felo Le Tee, as well as house heavyweight DJ Tira.

Ziwa Ngale Amapiano Mp3

7. Paris by Q-Mark and TpZee ft. Afriikan Papi

Paris Amapiano Mp3 has enjoyed a long run on the upper end of music charts in South Africa since the start of the year. Themed around the concepts of finding true love, getting married and jetting off to Paris for a honeymoon, the unhurried single features Q-Mark’s hooks and a strong verse from Afriikan Papi.

Paris Amapiano Mp3

8. Dali Nguwe by Master KG ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Basetsana and Obeey Amor

Dali Nguwe Amapiano Mp3 A languid, sincere and contagious number which will sees fast-rising singer Nkosazana Daughter cement her position as a top vocalist in the amapiano community.

Dali Nguwe Amapiano Mp3

9. Banyana ke Bafana by Pabi Cooper

Banyana ke Bafana Amapiano Mp3 (Girls are boys) by Pabi Cooper has had a good run on local charts. In the song’s video, the artists fronts an all-female cast of her long-time friends, a particularly unfamiliar feat in the male-dominated genre.

Banyana ke Bafana Amapiano Mp3 (Girls are boys)

10. Megalo by Reece Madlisa and Zuma ft. Spura and Classic Deep

Megalo Amapiano Mp3 Titled after the popular club in the township of Alexandra, ‘Megalo’ kick-starts the young duo’s journey for 2022, and promises much more from the talented music makers.

Megalo Amapiano Mp3

11. Adiwele by Young Stunna ft. Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa

Adiwele Amapiano Mp3 features poignant lyrics on a groovy track, giving the listener food for thought while still maintaining a vibrant vibe and holding its status as a worthy club hit.

Adiwele Amapiano Mp3

12. Ameno Amapiano Remix by Nektunez and Goya Menor

Ameno Amapiano Remix Mp3 Boasting a staggering 10 billion views on TikTok, the ‘Ameno’ remix went viral on social media following its release in July, being aggressively used to make memes and videos. The song, which offers the US-based Ghanaian producer’s take on the South African genre, has been well received and continues to command the airwaves.

Ameno Amapiano Remix Mp3

13. Ngixolele by Busta 929 ft. Boohle

Ngixolele Amapiano Mp3 Amapiano hitmaking machine Busta 929, and Boohle, who is arguably the genre’s leading vocalist at the moment, have churned out a heat-melting number here, which has owned the ears of many fans of the genre. It has appeared in the top five on several charts for some time including RiSA’s streaming-based The Official South African Music Charts.

Ngixolele Amapiano Mp3

14. Asibe Happy by Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa ft. Ami Faku

Asibe Happy Amapiano Mp3 After Ami Faku’s successful amapiano debut single ‘Abalele’, she teams up again with the amapiano heavyweight to deliver this anthemic and positive number, which reminds listeners to stay happy.

Asibe Happy Amapiano Mp3

15. Umlando by 9umba ft. Sino Msolo, Young Stunna and Sir Trill

Umlando Amapiano Mp3 A retrospective number to be cherished for many more days in the future. The track pays homage to important figures who helped shape the genre.

Umlando Amapiano Mp3

16. Safa by Musa Keys and T&T MuziQ ft. Philharmonic 

Safa Amapiano Mp3 Released in mid-February, ‘Safa’ has become an instant hit within the amapiano movement. It would not be premature to count it among the biggest amapiano hits of the year.

Safa Amapiano Mp3

17. Siyajola by Busta 929 ft. Almighty and Lolo SA

Siyajola Amapiano Mp3 is a contagious tune that can resonate with many couples who have been through the highs and lows of a relationship. This is at least according to the high rotation of the song across South Africa.

Siyajola Amapiano Mp3

18. Ekhaya by Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa ft. Kevin Fellow

Ekhaya Amapiano Mp3 Impressive hits like ‘Ekhaya’ almost seem effortless when the Scorpion Kings put a talented singer on their beats. Here, Kevin Fellow’s vocal flow attests to this.

Ekhaya Amapiano Mp3

19. Bopha by Mellow, Sleazy and Felo Le Tee ft. DJ Maphorisa, Madumane and Young Stunna

Bopha Amapiano Mp3 The long lists of collaborators featuring talented vocalists who each have their time to shine alongside top producers seems to be the status quo among the amapiano community. On this single, Young Stunna fills the role with his catchy hitmaking hooks.

Bopha Amapiano Mp3

20. Jola by De Mthuda ft. Sino Msolo and Da Muziqal Chef

Jola Amapiano Mp3 certifies De Mthuda’s production skills and eccentric musicality. Although often compared to Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, his unwavering efforts and contributions, which have inspired a more soulful sound, is still somewhat underrated.

Jola Amapiano Mp3

21. Siyathandana by Cassper Nyovest ft. Boohle and Abidoza

Siyathandana Amapiano Mp3 Genre-crossing rapper Cassper Nyovest is adamant about producing amapiano hits. ‘Siyathandana’ is off his follow-up amapiano album Sweet & Short 2.0. His knack for reworking classics tunes, in this case, Bob Sinclair’s ‘World Hold On’, coupled with the vocals of fast-rising singer Boohle, have given this single a long-running streak on the local music charts.

Siyathandana Amapiano Mp3

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